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Football Manager 2025 Secures Premier League License

Football Manager 2025 Secures Premier League License

    Last Updated on June 13, 2024

Football enthusiasts, get ready to immerse yourselves in a realistic experience with Football Manager 2025 having the Premier League License. This long-anticipated feature is finally making its way into the Football Manager series, fulfilling a wish fans have voiced for years and significantly enhancing the authenticity of the game.

The Impact of the Premier League Addition

The addition of the Premier League license is set to elevate in-game authenticity, offering players the ability to manage with official badges, kits, and player portraits. This brings an unmatched level of detail, drawing players closer to the heart of football management.

Details of the Licensing Agreement

Sports Interactive has secured a multi-year golden goal with the English Premier League for Football Manager 2025. Here’s what you need to look forward to under this partnership:

  • Multi-Year Agreement: Ensuring continuity and depth in your football management journey.
  • Licensed Content: Official team logos, kits, and player photos to enrich the game’s authenticity.

The Premier League license guarantees your gaming experience will echo the real world’s adrenaline, strategy, and fervor. Celebrated for its depth, Football Manager has traditionally encompassed a range of authentic licenses. Before the Premier League license, the game featured:

  • Existing Agreements: EFL covering the Championship to League Two and the National League.
  • Previous Licenses: Including UEFA club competitions, Bundesliga, among others.

This historical dedication to licensing has been instrumental in crafting Football Manager’s compelling and intricate simulation of the football world.

The Full-Experience for Fans

Say goodbye to time-consuming mod installations for the Premier League! With the Football Manager 2025 Premier League license, every match, every decision, and every triumph is as genuine as the real game from the moment you start managing your chosen club.

Beyond the Premier League, Football Manager 2025 promises revolutionary enhancements including a new Unity engine, advanced animation tech, and the introduction of women’s soccer. With these, the promise of Football Manager goes beyond traditional boundaries, reaching perhaps its most ambitious height yet.


As the countdown to Football Manager 2025 begins, the incorporation of the Premier League license is a testament to Sports Interactive’s ongoing mission—to create the most immersive football management experience. Embark on your managerial career when Football Manager 2025 launches, and revel in an era of digital football that mirrors the fervor and glory of the pitch like never before.

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