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Easiest Honkai: Star Rail Characters to Learn

Easiest Honkai: Star Rail Characters to Learn

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

There are a total of 22 Honkai: Star Rail Characters for you to try out, but some of them are the easiest to use. If you are a beginner to the newest game from miHoYo, then you should take a look at the characters we have on this list.

Honkai: Star Rail is miHoYo’s newest open-world gacha game and it features a turn-based combat that requires strategies and team planning. Since team composition is a big part of the game, newcomers may find it a daunting task. That is why it is important to start out with beginner-friendly characters in honkai star rail first.

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In this article, we will list out some of the easiest characters in the game for beginners and a few honkai star rail tips to help you get started.


Rarity: 4 Stars

Combat Type: Fire

Path: The Harmony

You may remember Asta in your time at Herta’s Space Station, and luckily she is a playable character too. Starting out this list is the inquisitive lead astronomer of the Space Station. She is one of the most useful characters in the game, and her kit is easy to understand for beginners.

The best way to utilize Asta is by making her a Support character. Her talent allows her to give Attack buffs to all her allies which is a very useful skill. All you have to do is damage an enemy to buff your team, and the buff stacks up to five times.

Asta and her team gain one stack of this buff for every different enemy hit by Asta’s attacks. She will also gain an extra stack if the enemy hit has a weakness to Fire. However, it is important to note that the buff loses three stacks after every turn.

To top things off, her ultimate ability increases the speed of all her allies for two turns. This allows your team to have multiple actions to defeat your enemies. Additionally, Asta’s skill also provides a respectable amount of Fire Damage to her enemies.


Rarity: 4 Stars

Combat Type: Lightning

Path: The Erudition

The literal Electric Guitarist, Serval, is one of the beginner-friendly characters in the game. To help you even more, you can get her as a free character through pre-registration rewards. Serval is one of the easiest characters to understand while still being a capable member of your team.

Serval’s skill lets her deal Lightning damage to an enemy and those who are adjacent to it. In addition to damage, there is an 80% chance to afflict enemies with Shocked for two turns. Enemies who are Shocked take damage at the start of their turn.

Her skill is greatly complimented by her talent. After Serval attacks, deals additional Lightning damage to all Shocked enemies. This makes her a respectable DPS character, without making it too complicated to utilize.

To finish off her kit, Serval’s Ultimate Ability allows her to deal a ton of Lightning damage to all her enemies. If her ultimate ability hits a shocked enemy, the duration of Shocked is extended by two turns. If it is not obvious by now, Serval is a great DPS character for beginners to use.


Rarity: 4 Stars

Combat Type: Physical

Path: The Abundance

The beloved Doctor Natasha of the Underground will be the last entry on this list. She lives up to her reputation as a doctor by being a useful healer in your team. She is a great addition to any team composition, and you can get her as a reward for the mission of Lying in Rust. A free character is something that everyone wants.

Her skillset screams healing because all of them are healing abilities barring her basic attack. For her skill, Natasha restores a single ally’s HP once. Additionally, the ally will heal for two more turns at the start of each turn. This skill alone will help your team survive even the toughest of battles.

Natasha’s ultimate ability is probably the most straightforward ability of all time. When you activate her ultimate, she heals all of her allies. Her ultimate will save your team more times than you can count so do not underestimate it.

Additionally, her talent fully maximizes all of her healing abilities. When healing allies with low hp, Natasha’s healing will increase for those characters. This makes her a valuable addition as a savior of your members.

That will be all for the Easiest Honkai: Star Rail Characters To Learn article. If you liked what you saw in this article, check out the other articles we have here on our website.

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