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Complete Guide to Accessories in Tales of Arise

Complete Guide to Accessories in Tales of Arise

    Last Updated on March 22, 2024

In the epic journey of Tales of Arise, accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing your party’s capabilities. These valuable items bestow various buffs and perks, from bolstering health to amplifying damage output.

Understanding how to craft and utilize accessories in Tales of Arise is essential for any player looking to optimize their characters’ performance, whether in intense combat encounters or while exploring the vast world of Dahna.


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Accessories Overview in Tales of Arise

Accessories in Tales of Arise are more than mere trinkets; they are craftable equipment pieces that can significantly boost your party members’ stats.

With the potential to resist status ailments, reduce casting times, or even increase movement speed, accessories offer a layer of customization that complements the game’s Skill Panel. Crafting these items, however, requires a collection of materials, and the most powerful accessories come with multiple skill slots, providing substantial advantages in battle.

When You Can Craft Accessories

The ability to craft accessories in Tales of Arise becomes available early in your adventure, specifically when you first visit Ulzebek. As you progress through the game and gather various materials from your travels, the list of craftable accessories will expand, allowing you to enhance your party’s abilities further and tailor them to your playstyle.

Materials Needed For Crafting Accessories

Materials for crafting accessories in “Tales of Arise” are primarily obtained through mining mineral deposits and defeating rare enemies. These materials are categorized by rarity and rank, which determine the quality of the crafted accessory and the enhancement progress. As you venture into new areas and face stronger foes, you’ll collect rarer materials that enable you to craft even more potent accessories.

How To Craft Accessories

To craft accessories in Tales of Arise, you’ll need to visit an inn and speak with the Engraver or approach a Campfire and talk to the Shopkeeper. Once you’ve selected the accessory you wish to craft, you’ll choose the quality of ore to determine the number of skill slots it will have.

The crafting process is straightforward, but selecting the right skills and ore quality is crucial for creating the most effective accessories for your party.

Enhancing Your Accessories

After crafting an accessory, the next step is to enhance it to unlock its skills. This is done by feeding materials into the accessory, with the material’s rank contributing to the enhancement progress. The higher the rank of the material, the fewer pieces you’ll need to level up the accessory, allowing you to unlock its full potential and gain a significant edge in your battles.

A unique feature in Tales of Arise is the ability to transfer skills from one accessory to another. This allows you to maintain powerful skills as you upgrade to higher-level accessories.

The transfer process involves selecting a base accessory to receive the new skill, choosing a donor accessory with the desired skill, and confirming the transfer. This system is invaluable for endgame content, where you’ll have an abundance of materials to create the ultimate accessory builds.


Mastering the art of crafting accessories in Tales of Arise is a rewarding endeavor that can turn the tides of battle in your favor. By carefully selecting materials, crafting accessories with the right skills, and enhancing them to unlock their full potential, you’ll equip your party with the tools needed to conquer the challenges that await in the world of Dahna.

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