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Cloud9 Signs Call of Duty League and Warzone Rosters

Cloud9 Signs Call of Duty League and Warzone Rosters

    Last Updated on June 30, 2024

Cloud9 reasserts its presence in competitive gaming with a dynamic move into Call of Duty, solidifying its commitment with the signing of two formidable rosters. This strategic foray marks Cloud9 Call of Duty’s determined return to a scene it had left seven years prior. Read on as we dissect the depth and potential that these two teams bring to the table in both the Call of Duty League and Warzone competitions.

Cloud9 Acquires Championship CDL Team

In a significant development for Cloud9 Call of Duty, the organization has embraced the championship core of the New York Subliners, a roster decorated with triumphs and talent. This move signifies more than just player acquisition.

It embodies Cloud9’s dedication to securing a predominant stance in the Call of Duty League (CDL). The roster comprises standout players such as HyDra, KiSMET, Skyz, and Sib, each poised to inject raw skill and competitive edge into Cloud9’s lineup.

This acquisition also raises questions about the operational dynamics between Cloud9 and the athletes, sparking curiosity about whether it’s a partnership with the Subliners or an outright transfer from NYXL group’s fold.

Cloud9’s Inaugural Warzone Trio

Not long before the CDL announcement, Cloud9 stepped into the Warzone arena by signing a trio that’s already left an indelible mark in recent tournaments. Cloud9 Call of Duty’s Warzone team features Breadman, ForeignJase, and JoeWo, a contingent that has proven their synergy and strength with a top ten finish in the North America Finals of the World Series of Warzone.

Their collective prowess expands Cloud9’s competitive spectrum and showcases the organization’s holistic commitment to Call of Duty esports.

Strategic Signings Ahead of the Esports World Cup

The timing of Cloud9 Call of Duty’s roster announcements strategically precedes the much-anticipated Esports World Cup event in Saudi Arabia, where both Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 are headlining titles.

Cloud9, being one of the 30 crews supported by the EWC Foundation’s club program. Stands to benefit from the six-figure funding aimed at cementing teams’ positions in the highest echelons of new esports titles.

Upcoming Championships and Expectations

Looking ahead, both Cloud9 Call of Duty rosters are gearing up for high-stakes battles. The CDL team, currently fourth on the points standings and tentatively dubbed the “Cloud Niners”. Aims to defend its title at the upcoming CoD Champs 2024. Meanwhile, the Warzone roster is gearing up for a strong showing at the Global Finals in August, already having secured their place in the esteemed competition.


Cloud9 Call of Duty’s robust presence in the competitive scene, underscored by their latest signings, heralds exciting times for fans of the franchise. Moreover, with their eyes on current successes and future trophies, Cloud9’s actions speak volumes about their strategic vision and enduring passion for esports.

As they forge ahead, both on the CDL battlefields and in Warzone showdowns, supporters and enthusiasts alike have plenty to look forward to from this iconic blue brand.

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