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BOOM Esports Explodes the Competition in Honor of Kings Invitational S2 PH Qualifiers

BOOM Esports Explodes the Competition in Honor of Kings Invitational S2 PH Qualifiers

    Last Updated on June 17, 2024

Boom Esports stormed onto the scene during the PH Honor of Kings Invitational S2 qualifiers, leaving a trail of victories in their wake. Initially competing under the alias Team X, the squad quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, clinching victory in the tournament without dropping a single game.

Despite their mysterious origins, the team’s undeniable talent and cohesion set them apart from the competition, foreshadowing their future dominance.

The Mystery Team: Boom Esports

On May 17, a new team named Boom Esports made a surprise appearance in the PH Honor of Kings Invitational S2 qualifiers. No one knew who they were at first, causing a buzz of speculation among fans. Initially called Team X, people wondered if they were the same dominant squad from local tournaments.

The mystery was finally solved on May 18 when Boom Esports revealed their roster, consisting of experienced players who had been playing on the China Server for over a year. With their true identity uncovered, Boom Esports set out on a journey that would shake up the Philippine esports scene.

May 18, Boom Esports releases a video and showed their roster full roster comprised of: Maynard “Arise” Limon (Jungler),  AJ Andrei Ajiizix Cedro (Substitute), Dragon Hart “Dragon” Dajao (Midlaner) , Adrian “Toshi” Bacallo (Farm Lane),  John Lloyd “Impressive” Dela Cruz  (Support) and Christian “Ciiyan” Villegas (Coach).

This consists of experienced players who had been playing on the China Server for over a year. With their true identity uncovered, Boom Esports set out on a mission that would shake up the scene

Dominance Unleashed: Boom Esports Conquers the PH Qualifiers

Boom Esports asserted their dominance throughout the tournament, emerging victorious against every opponent they faced. Their path to the Grand Finals was marked by resounding victories, culminating in a decisive 3-0 triumph over Blacklist. The only setback they faced was against Blacklist during the group stages.

Fast Win against Team Flash

In Game 1, Athena was strategically utilized by Boom Esports to disrupt Blacklist International’s gameplay. Although typically played in the jungle role, Athena’s unique mechanic allows her to provide vision around the map in her “spirit” form upon death. This feature provided Boom Esports with numerous opportunities to catch Blacklist International off guard and gain the upper hand in the game.

In Game 2, Boom Esports opted for a more standard approach, with Yuhuan in the Jungle role, typically reserved for Mid Lane or Roaming Support. However, their unconventional use of Yuhuan in the Jungle proved effective. As her significant sustain and disruptive capabilities enabled Boom Esports to outmaneuver Team Flash, leading to their comprehensive victory in just 11 minutes and 20 seconds.

Blacklist Strikes from the Back to Get that One Win

In Game 1, Blacklist International (BLCK) showcased exceptional rotations aided by Da Qiao, making it challenging for Boom Esports to keep up. Despite the stall tactics, a decisive steal by Juschie secured BLCK the Tempest dragon and ultimately the victory.

However, Game 2 saw Boom Esports gain control over Da Qiao, allowing them to dictate the pace of the match. Their superior map control proved too much for BLCK to handle, resulting in a different outcome compared to the first game.

The trend continued in Game 3, with BLCK displaying vulnerabilities in their gameplay. Despite showing signs of life, particularly from Chammy and Juschie. Boom Esports’ experienced duo of Miggie and Ajiizix led the team to victory with their standout performances.

The Grand Finals Showed the Gap between Boom and Every Other PH Team

The grand finals showcased a significant gap between Boom Esports and the other competing teams. Across the series, Boom’s dominance was evident, leaving little room for doubt about their superiority.

Dragon and Ajiizix Breathe fire upon BLCK

Game 1 unfolded with Boom Esports leveraging strategic hero picks to gain an early advantage in Honor of Kings. With Da Qiao in their lineup, Boom capitalized on her mobility to execute swift rotations, catching BLCK off guard. Meanwhile, Dragon and Ajiizix demonstrated impeccable skill, securing kills and dealing substantial damage in crucial team fights.

Despite the slower pace of the game, Boom’s calculated approach allowed them to gradually assert their dominance. This set the stage for the more commanding performances in Games 2 and 3.

Lam Gets Drowned

In Game 2, Boom Esports demonstrated their adaptability by effectively countering BLCK’s preferred hero picks, particularly Lam, which is typically a high-priority ban. Despite facing this challenge, Boom remained composed and executed their strategy flawlessly.

Miggie’s exceptional performance with Mayene played a crucial role in disrupting BLCK’s backline and preventing them from executing their game plan effectively. Mayene’s disruptive abilities and Miggie’s skilled execution were instrumental in Boom’s decisive victory within just 11 minutes.

Boom is Booming!

In Game 3, Boom Esports chose Guiguzi, an unusual hero pick, to disrupt Blacklist International’s strategies effectively in Honor of Kings. While Blacklist International stuck to their traditional lane-focused approach. Boom Esports opted for aggressive map-wide strategies characterized by fast rotations and relentless pressure.

This Guiguzi play that ended up in Boom Esports’ favor was just the start, with Impressive executing it multiple times to secure victory. Guiguzi’s disruptive abilities posed a constant challenge for Blacklist International, limiting their ability to move effectively on the map.

Boom Esports Awaits their Next Step

In Invitationals Season 2, Boom Esports is set to face off against teams from every region. This marks a crucial test of their dominance on the international stage of Honor of Kings. The burning question on everyone’s mind is whether their impressive performance in the Philippines will translate to success against the world’s best teams.

As they step onto the global stage, all eyes will be on Boom Esports to see if they can maintain their dominance. In addition, emerge victorious against formidable opponents from around the globe.

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