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Best Weapons Starfield You Should Use

Best Weapons Starfield You Should Use

    Last Updated on January 27, 2024

Embarking on a journey across the cosmos in Starfield, players will quickly realize the importance of being well-armed. With a universe teeming with danger and opportunity, having the Best Weapons Starfield has in your arsenal isn’t just a matter of preference—it’s a necessity for survival.

From rifles that offer pinpoint accuracy to heavy weapons that deliver devastating blows, this guide will navigate you through the stars to the most powerful tools of defense and offense available in the game.


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Rifles: The Power of Precision

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Rifles are the bread and butter for sharpshooters in Starfield, offering a blend of range and damage that makes them versatile for many combat situations.

  • Fiscal Quarter: This rare rifle is a reward for completing the “All That Money Can Buy” mission. It’s a great weapon for those who prefer to engage enemies from a distance without sacrificing damage. Its accuracy is top-notch, making it a reliable choice for taking down targets before they even know you’re there.
  • Gallow’s Reach: Hidden in Captain Petrov’s quarters during the “No Sudden Moves” mission, this rifle is not to be overlooked. It boasts a high damage output and excellent range, making it one of the Best Weapons Starfield offers for players who need to keep their distance while still packing a punch.
  • Revenant: This legendary rifle, found in the “Eye of the Storm” side quest, is a powerhouse. Its ability to deal massive damage makes it a go-to for players facing tougher enemies. It’s the kind of weapon that, once found, rarely leaves the player’s side due to its effectiveness in combat.

Laser Rifles: Cutting-Edge Technology

Laser rifles in Starfield cut through the competition quite literally with their energy-based attacks, offering a futuristic alternative to traditional ballistic weaponry.

  • Unrestrained Vengeance: Acquired by defeating the Hunter in the “High Price to Pay” mission, this rare laser rifle offers high energy damage with a faster rate of fire. It’s perfect for players who want to bring a sci-fi feel to their battles, melting through enemy shields with its concentrated beams.
  • Unmitigated Violence: The personal weapon of the Hunter, this legendary laser rifle can be yours if you take him down. It’s one of the Best Weapons Starfield has for those who prefer laser precision combined with lethal damage. Its unique design and impressive stats make it a coveted item for any player’s collection.

Shotguns and Melee Weapons: Close-Quarters Combat

When the fight gets personal, shotguns and melee weapons are there to finish the job. These weapons excel in close combat, ensuring that you have the upper hand when space is limited.

  • Experiment A-7: Found during the “Entangled” mission, this rare shotgun is ideal for close encounters, especially against swarming alien foes. Its spread shot can hit multiple targets at once, making it a great choice for crowd control and tight situations.
  • The Last Priest: This rare melee weapon is the reward for completing the “Infinity’s End” side quest, provided you side with the Hunter. It’s a testament to the power of melee combat in Starfield, offering a satisfying and visceral way to dispatch enemies. The Last Priest is not just a weapon; it’s a statement, showcasing your prowess in hand-to-hand combat.

Pistols: Quick Draw and Precision

Pistols are the perfect blend of agility and precision, allowing for quick reactions in fast-paced skirmishes.

  • Memento Mori: This legendary pistol is a prize for those who diligently collect evidence in the “Burden of Proof” quest. It’s not only quick to draw but also packs a significant punch. This makes it an excellent choice for players who rely on speed and accuracy to take down foes before they can react.
  • Deadeye: A unique pistol that embodies the spirit of the frontier, Deadeye is a reward for becoming a deputy in Akila City. It’s one of the Best Weapons Starfield offers for those who want to feel like a space cowboy. Its cool design is matched by its performance, with a high rate of fire and deadly accuracy.

Heavies and Particle Beam Rifles: Unmatched Firepower

For those who prefer to make a big impact, heavy weapons, and particle beam rifles. These weapons offer the kind of firepower that can change the course of a battle in an instant.

  • Heller’s Cutter: Located on Vectera, this heavy weapon is as formidable as it is rare. Its ability to deal crushing damage makes it a valuable asset for any player looking to dominate in combat. It’s the type of weapon that doesn’t just defeat enemies; it annihilates them.
  • Eternity’s Gate: As one of the most powerful and valuable guns in the game. Tlegendary particle beam rifle is the pinnacle of weapon technology in Starfield. Obtainable after defeating the Emissary at the Buried Temple, Eternity’s Gate is not just a weapon. The weapon is a statement of mastery over the game’s advanced combat mechanics. The precision and raw energy output make it ideal for taking on the toughest of foes. This will ensure that each encounter tilts in your favor.

Purchasable Unique Weapons: Merchants’ Rare Finds

Sometimes, the Best Weapons Starfield adventurers can add to their arsenal come from the game’s various merchants. These weapons are unique and you can customize or upgrade them to suit individual playstyles.

  • Elegance: This weapon, available at Rowland Arms in Akila City, lives up to its name with a sleek design and a deadly edge. It’s a great choice for those who want a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The weapon’s accuracy and handling make it a top pick for discerning marksmen.
  • The Spacer: Sold at Arboron in Neon, The Spacer is a versatile weapon that appeals to those looking to make a name for themselves among the stars. It offers a reliable rate of fire and damage output, making it a solid all-rounder for any situation.
  • Peacekeeper: A rifle that players can earn by completing the Groundpounder side quest, Peacekeeper is a testament to its name. It’s designed to maintain order in the chaos of battle, with a high rate of fire and impressive stopping power that can keep enemies at bay.


In the universe of Starfield, where danger lurks around every surface, having the Best Weapons Starfield offers is crucial. Whether you’re a sharpshooter who relishes precision, a tech enthusiast who loves the whir of a laser rifle, or a brawler who prefers the intimacy of melee combat. You can find a weapon for every style and situation.

As you journey through the stars, keep these weapons in mind. The Fiscal Quarter will serve you well in sniper situations. However, the Gallow’s Reach ensures you can handle anything at a distance.

For those who prefer the high-tech approach, Unrestrained Vengeance and Unmitigated Violence offer a glimpse into the future of warfare. And when the fight gets close, the Experiment A-7 and The Last Priest will keep you standing. Quick-draw experts will find a friend in Memento Mori and Deadeye. However, heavy hitters will revel in the power of Heller’s Cutter and Eternity’s Gate.

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