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Best Fall Crops Stardew Valley: Harvesting Profits

Best Fall Crops Stardew Valley: Harvesting Profits

    Last Updated on December 16, 2023

Stardew Valley, the beloved farming simulation game, offers a bountiful harvest during the fall season. Cultivating the best fall crops is crucial for players aiming to maximize profits and excel in their farming endeavors. Let’s dive into the best-rated crops exclusive to fall in Stardew Valley, each contributing uniquely to your in-game success.


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Ranking and Detailed Analysis of Best Fall Crops in Stardew Valley

  1. Sweet Gem Berry
    • Growth Time: 24 days
    • Seed Cost: 1,000g (from the Traveling Cart)
    • Base Sell Price: 3,000g
    • The prized Sweet Gem Berry reigns supreme as the best fall crop in Stardew Valley. Despite its challenging growth cycle and limited harvest, its substantial sell price of 3,000g per berry makes it the most lucrative choice for patient and dedicated farmers.
  2. Cranberries
    • Growth Time: 7 days for first harvest, produces Cranberries every 5 days after.
    • Seed Cost: 240g
    • Base Sell Price: 75g x 2
    • Cranberries hold a significant spot in the best fall crops farming in Stardew Valley. Providing consistent returns every five days after the initial harvest. Although requiring a noteworthy initial investment, their continuous yield of two or more berries per crop swiftly compensates for the cost.
  3. Pumpkin
    • Growth Time: 13 days
    • Seed Cost: 100g
    • Base Sell Price: 320g
    • Pumpkins stand out with their high per-unit sell price and versatility. Their usage in various recipes and involvement in Community Center bundles make them an essential and profitable fall crop.
  4. Grapes
    • Growth Time: 10 days for first harvest, produces Grapes every 3 days after.
    • Seed Cost: 60g
    • Base Sell Price: 80g
    • Essential for winemaking, Grapes hold immense value when processed into Wine. Their regular production and subsequent aging in Casks contribute significantly to increased quality and sales price.
  5. Artichoke
    • Growth Time: 8 days
    • Seed Cost: 30g
    • Base Sell Price: 160g
    • Suitable for the second year of farming, Artichokes serve as a staple cash crop. Their usage in various recipes, such as Artichoke Dip and Super Meal, enhances their significance for farmers focusing on artisanal production.

Top 6-10 Best Fall Crops in Stardew Valley

  • Eggplant
    • Growth Time: 5 days for first harvest, produces harvestable Eggplant every 5 days after.
    • Seed Cost: 20g
    • Base Sell Price: 60g
    • Eggplants offer a steady cash flow due to their multiple harvest potential and quick growth cycle. When combined with specific fertilizers, their profitability further increases.
  • Beets
    • Growth Time: 6 days.
    • Seed Cost: 20g (From Sandy’s Oasis)
    • Base Sell Price: 100g
    • Apart from their decent sell price, Beets are versatile, used not only for profits but also as a key ingredient for Sugar, vital in various cooking recipes.
  • Amaranth
    • Growth Time: 7 days.
    • Seed Cost: 70g
    • Base Sell Price: 150g
    • With the advantage of being harvested using a scythe, Amaranth proves efficient for time management, especially in later stages of gameplay.
  • Fairy Rose
    • Growth Time: 12 days
    • Seed Cost: 200g
    • Base Sell Price: 290g
    • Though expensive to grow, Fairy Roses hold significance in honey production, yielding high-value Fairy Rose Honey when near Bee Houses.
  • Corn
  • Growth Time: 14 days for first harvest, produces harvestable Corn every 4 days after
  • Seed Cost: 150g
  • Base Sell Price: 50g
  • While not particularly lucrative, Corn’s multi-seasonal growth and usefulness in fulfilling Community Center bundles make it a viable choice for long-term planning.

The fall season in Stardew Valley presents an array of lucrative crop options for savvy farmers. Each crop’s distinct characteristics, growth times, seed costs, and sell prices contribute uniquely to a successful and profitable harvest. Whether aiming for instant returns or patiently investing in high-value crops, strategic cultivation of these top fall crops will undoubtedly lead to a flourishing farm.

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