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Armored Core 6 Weapon Tier List

Armored Core 6 Weapon Tier List

    Last Updated on November 29, 2023

Armored Core 6 offers a diverse array of weaponry, each with its unique strengths and effectiveness on the battlefield. Understanding the prowess of these weapons can significantly impact gameplay strategies, making it essential to delve into the Armored Core 6 weapon tier list.

This tier list categorizes primary weapons based on their performance, influencing players’ choices in constructing formidable loadouts and dominating battles.


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Understanding Weapon Tiers in Armored Core 6

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In Armored Core 6, the weapon tier list serves as a guide for players aiming to optimize their mech’s loadout. These tiers denote the ranking of primary weapons, showcasing their levels of power, versatility, and overall efficiency in combat scenarios.

Familiarizing oneself with these tiers is pivotal in devising tactical approaches and enhancing gameplay experiences, ensuring players make informed decisions when selecting their arsenal.

S-Tier Weapons: The Pinnacle of Power

At the apex of the Armored Core 6 weapon tier list lie the formidable Zimmerman Shotgun and HU-BEN Gatling Gun. Renowned for their dominance on the battlefield, these weapons stand tall as the epitome of power and devastation.

Their ability to unleash substantial direct damage and ACS Strain make them unparalleled choices, especially when dual-wielded or used in tandem. Masters of these weapons can unleash havoc, turning the tide of battles in their favor.

A-Tier Weapons: Potent Choices for Diverse Tactics

The A-tier weapons in Armored Core 6 encompass a versatile range, including explosive and staggering armaments like Bazookas, Grenade Cannons, REDSHIFT, Nebula, and APERITIF.

These weapons offer potent firepower and excel in various combat scenarios, providing players with formidable options for taking on missions and confronting challenging adversaries. Their adaptability and effectiveness make them core components of well-crafted loadouts.

B-Tier Weapons: Solid Performance with Room for Improvement

Weapons residing in the B-tier have commendable performance, although they fall slightly short of the S and A-tier. The likes of BAD COOK Flamethrower, HADELMAN Shotgun, VP-66LS Shotgun, VP-60LCS Laser Cannon, VP-66LH Laser Handgun, and Melee & Pulse Blades possess decent capabilities suited for specific build types.

While not dominating, these weapons still serve a purpose in the hands of adept pilots.

C-Tier and D-Tier Weapons: Functional but Less Impactful

The lower tiers in the Armored Core 6 weapon tier list house weapons such as. VIENTO Needle Gun, ASHMEAD Pile Bunker, LUDLOW Machine Gun, SCUDDER Assault Rifle, and others. Despite their average performance and niche applications.

The 1.02 update has improved their viability, making them more suitable for certain gameplay styles. While not the pinnacle of power, strategic use of these weapons can pave the way to success in missions.


The Armored Core 6 weapon tier list provides players with an understanding of the varied strengths of primary weapons. Mastery over these tiers empowers players to curate potent loadouts and excel on the battlefield. Embracing the tier list’s insights is pivotal for gamers seeking optimal performance in Armored Core 6’s intense mech battles.

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