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Seteth Tea Party Guide: Fire Emblem Three Houses

Seteth Tea Party Guide: Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Last Updated on November 21, 2023

Seteth, an instructor at the Officer’s Academy, plays a crucial role in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Mounted on a wyvern, he imparts teachings in swordsmanship and authority while demonstrating unwavering loyalty to high priestess Rhea. An overprotective older brother to Flayn, Seteth’s tea parties offer unique insights into his character.


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Getting to Know Seteth

Seteth’s unwavering loyalty to Rhea and his vigilance over Byleth underscore his protective nature. His presence, marked by both sternness and concern, adds depth to the game’s narrative.

How to Unlock Tea Time with Seteth

Players can access Seteth’s tea parties by completing Ferdinand’s quest, “Tea for Two.” This achievement allows engagement in tea time events, enabling players to delve into Seteth’s world.

Seteth prefers teas like the Angelica Tea, Ginger Tea, and the highly rated Four-Spice Blend, enhancing the tea time experience and opening avenues for meaningful conversations.

Conversation Topics for Seteth Tea Party

Seteth’s tea parties unravel diverse conversations, ranging from discussions about “Monastery security” to “Relaxing at the sauna.” Each topic offers a glimpse into different facets of Seteth’s interests and concerns. Choosing the right conversation topic will go a long way into improving your tea party.

Tea Party Conversation Topics
A dinner invitiationA new gambitA strong battalionA word of adviceBooks you’ve read recently
Capable comradesChildren at the marketClasses you might enjoyClose callsEquipment upkeep
Evaluating alliesExploring the MonasteryFlaynFodlan’s futureGuessing someone’s age
Hopes for your futureI heard some gossipI’m counting on youLikeable alliesMighty weapons
Monastery rulesMonastery securityOur first meetingRelaxing at the SaunaReliable allies
Tell me about yourselfThanks for everythingThe ideal professorThe last battleThe Library’s collection
The operaThings that bother youWorking hours for guardsWorking togetherYou’re doing great work
Your ambitions

Preferred Reactions in Final Conversations with Seteth

Choosing appropriate responses during final conversations is pivotal. Reacting with a nod or engaging in chat aligns with Seteth’s demeanor, reflecting respect and understanding.

Final Conversation – Preferred Reactions
“Nod” or “Sigh” at hoping you understand that I’m merely doing my job“Nod” at informing me of any issues you encounter“Blush”, “Laugh”, or “Nod” at is there anything I can do for you“Blush” or “Chat” at know that I am proud to support you“Blush”, “Laugh”, or “Nod” at putting up a stiff front with people
“Chat” or “Nod” at the more you learn, the more paths open“Sip Tea” or “Chat” at wondering why the archbishop is interested in you“Nod” or “Chat” at you have become very special to us“Nod” or “Laugh” at you should join me fishing sometime

Best Gifts for Seteth

Choosing gifts thoughtfully can strengthen the bond with Seteth. The Fishing Float, Dapper Handkerchief, and The History of Fodlan are among the favored choices, signifying care and appreciation.

Seteth’s tea parties in Fire Emblem: Three Houses serve as a gateway to understanding his protective nature, concerns, and commitments. Engaging in these tea time events unveils layers of his character, enriching the gaming experience.

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