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Lysithea Tea Party Guide: Best Teas And Conversation Topics Fire Emblem Three Houses

Lysithea Tea Party Guide: Best Teas And Conversation Topics Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Last Updated on October 30, 2023

Fire Emblem: Three Houses introduces a delightful feature – Tea Parties. In this guide, we’ll delve into hosting a Lysithea Tea Party, allowing you to connect with the youngest magical prodigy at the Officer’s Academy. Let’s explore how to make this encounter truly memorable.


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Getting to Know Lysithea

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Lysithea von Ordelia, the firstborn of Duke Ordelia’s house, is the embodiment of a youthful magical prodigy at the Golden Deer house. Hosting a Lysithea Tea Party offers a unique glimpse into her character, combining youthful exuberance with unparalleled magical abilities.

Unlocking the Tea Party

To enjoy a Lysithea Tea Party, players must complete Ferdinand’s “Tea for Two” quest in Chapter 4. This quest unlocks the possibility of hosting Tea Parties on characters’ birthdays and during free exploration. Make sure you’ve gathered the required items and completed the relevant quests to unlock this unique event.

For the perfect Lysithea Tea Party, consider offering her one of her favorite teas. She particularly enjoys Southern Fruit Blend, Sweet-Apple Blend, Honeyed-Fruit Blend, or Crescent-Moon Tea. Engaging Lysithea in conversation is equally important.

Here is a full list of Lysithea’s preferred topics during Tea Parties:

Tea Party Conversation Topics
A dinner invitationA new gambitA place you’d like to visitBooks you’ve read recentlyCapable comrades
CatsClasses you might enjoyClose callsCooking mishapsEvaluating allies
FashionFavorite sweetsFodlan’s futureFood in the Dining HallGifts you’d like to receive
Hopes for your futureI heard some gossipI’m counting on youLikeable alliesMonastery mysteries
Monastery rulesOur first meetingOvercoming weaknessesPast laughsPerfect recipes
Plans for the futureRelaxing at the SaunaSchool daysSchool uniformsShareable snacks
Someone you look up toStrange fish in the pondTell me about yourselfThanks for everythingThe existence of Crests
The ideal professorThe last battleThe Library’s collectionThe thrill of sweetsWorking together
You seem differentYour ambitions

Final Conversation and Choices

During your Lysithea Tea Party, choose conversation options that align with her character. When she mentions, “I know I could stand to lighten up from time to time,” consider offering a word of praise. Make choices that resonate with her beliefs and desires, and you’ll create a memorable experience.

Here is a full list of Lysithea’s preferred reactions during Final Conversations:

Final Conversation – Preferred Reactions
“Nod”, “Sip Tea”, or “Laugh” at being exhausted by all my incessant thoughts“Chat” or “Laugh” at believing in ghosts“Blush” or “Laugh” at feeling there’s a lot I can learn from you“Laugh” or “Nod” at finding pleasure eating sweets“Praise”, “Chat”, or “Admonish” at lightening up from time to time
“Admonish” or “Chat” at not putting energy into things that won’t yield results“Disagree” or “Laugh” at thinking I wouldn’t be who I am today without you“Sigh”, “Chat”, or “Praise” at the world might’ve been peaceful without Crests“Chat” or “Nod” at wondering what I’d do if I gave up everything for my freedom

Perfect Gifts for Lysithea Tea Party

Lysithea appreciates gifts like Tasty Baked Treats, an Arithmetic Textbook, an Armored Bear Stuffy, Lily, and a Book of Crest Designs. These tokens of appreciation can strengthen your bond with her.

Hosting a Lysithea Tea Party is a fantastic way to connect with this young magical prodigy in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. By unlocking the event, choosing the right tea and conversation topics, and making thoughtful gift choices, you can create a unique and memorable experience that resonates with Lysithea’s youthful spirit. So, make your next Tea Party a Lysithea Tea Party and enjoy the journey.

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