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Leonie Tea Party Guide: Fire Emblem Three Houses

Leonie Tea Party Guide: Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers a rich tapestry of characters, each with their unique stories and quirks. Among them is Leonie Pinelli, the spirited daughter of a hunter from Sawin village. In this guide, we’ll talk about hosting an excellent Tea Party with Leonie with her favorite teas, conversation topics, and more.


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Getting to Know Leonie

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Leonie’s journey begins in the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, where her village’s generosity allows her to enroll in the Officer’s Academy. Her dream? To become a fully-fledged mercenary. Leonie’s character is marked by her dedication, earning approval from the academy’s leader, and her aspiration to repay the kindness bestowed upon her by the village.

How to Unlock Tea Time with Leonie

To enjoy a relaxing Tea Time with Leonie, players must first accomplish Ferdinand’s quest, “Tea for Two.” This unlocks the opportunity to share this intimate moment with Leonie on special occasions like birthdays and during free exploration. Building this connection is crucial for unlocking deeper insights into Leonie’s character.

Leonie’s Favorite Teas

In the world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the choice of tea is paramount. Leonie appreciates teas that align with her preferences, with options such as Angelica Tea and Four-spice Blend earning high ratings. These choices can significantly impact the success of your Tea Time experience with Leonie.

Conversation Topics for Leonie Tea Party

Engaging in meaningful conversations during Tea Time is essential for building rapport with Leonie. From discussing her views on training and relationships to sharing experiences within the monastery, players have a plethora of topics to explore. Transition smoothly between themes, keeping the dialogue light-hearted and relatable for a gamer audience.

Tea Party Conversation Topics
A dinner invitationA new gambitA place you’d like to visitA strong battalionA word of advice
Books you’ve read recentlyCapable comradesChildren at the marketClasses you might enjoyClose calls
Equipment upkeepEvaluating alliesExploring the MonasteryFodlan’s futureFood in the Dining Hall
Gifts you’d like to receiveHopes for your futureI heard some gossipI’m counting on youJeralt
Mighty weaponsMonastery mysteriesMonastery securityOur first meetingOvercoming weaknesses
Past laughsPlans for the futurePotential training partnersReliable alliesSchool days
Shareable snacksSomeone you look up toTell me about yourselfThanks for everythingThe ideal professor
The last battleThe view from the bridgeThings that bother youWorking togetherYou seem different
You seem wellYou’re doing great workYour ambitions

Final Conversations Preferred Reactions

As Tea Party progresses, players may find themselves in final conversations with Leonie. Navigating these moments with preferred reactions, such as nodding to her training goals or praising her dedication, can deepen the connection between players and this aspiring mercenary. Choose responses wisely to shape the outcome of these crucial interactions.

Final Conversation – Preferred Reactions
“Nod” or “Laugh” at always being here for you“Nod”, “Praise”, or “Sigh” at always trained alone back home“Praise” or “Nod” at being the greatest apprentice to the best mercenary“Praise”, “Commend”, or “Nod” at not living this frugally for nothing“Admonish” or “Commend” at not wanting to lose to you
“Chat”, “Disagree”, or “Laugh” at feeling bad for acting out around you“Nod” or “Commend” at keeping up with your training“Praise”, “Chat”, or “Commend” at people always seem to talk about romance“Nod” or “Commend” at taking whatever you don’t need

Best Gifts for Leonie

Strengthening bonds goes beyond tea parties. Thoughtful gift-giving plays a vital role. Fishing Floats, Hunting Daggers, and Training Weights are among the best choices. These gifts resonate with Leonie’s interests and contribute to the overall growth of your relationship with this enthusiastic character.

In conclusion, unlocking the full potential of your connection with Leonie involves a careful blend of tea, engaging conversation, and thoughtful gift choices. As you navigate the complexities of the Officer’s Academy, remember that every interaction shapes the destiny of your journey in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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