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How to Level Up Fast Fire Emblem Engage

How to Level Up Fast Fire Emblem Engage

    Last Updated on October 1, 2023

If you’ve embarked on the epic journey of Fire Emblem Engage, you’re likely aware of the critical role experience points play in leveling up your units. Whether you’re strategizing on the battlefield or strengthening your heroes in between battles, gaining EXP efficiently can make all the difference in your quest. To start the game the right way, you must learn how to level up fast Fire Emblem Engage

In this guide, we’ll delve into several proven methods to help you level up fast in Fire Emblem Engage, ensuring your units become formidable forces on the battlefield.

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Fire Emblem Engage EXP Farming Basics

An image of alear and marth fighting the corrupted. Level up fast Fire Emblem Engage

Before we dive into the specific strategies, let’s grasp the fundamental importance of EXP in Fire Emblem Engage. EXP serves as the lifeblood of your units’ growth. Once you get 100 EXP, this levels up your units to a higher level.

Once your units reach level 10, you can promote them to advanced classes and wield greater power. To make your heroes reach their full potential, you must master the art of EXP farming.

Micaiah’s Great Sacrifice

One of the earliest methods to gain EXP rapidly comes in the form of Micaiah’s engage skill, Great Sacrifice. As you progress to Chapter 6, you will get Micaiah as an Emblem fighting on your side. You can utilize Micaiah’s Engage Skill to heal your allies, simultaneously earning your unit a substantial 120 EXP points.

To amplify this effect, consider pairing it with the “Favorite Food” inheritance skill of Emblem Celica, which enables you to use “Great Sacrifice” twice, resulting in a staggering 240 EXP points in one go.

Level Grind with Weaker Units

If you’re looking for a straightforward approach to EXP farming, consider employing weaker units. This method involves engaging in battles against stronger foes and strategically weakening them with a robust unit before letting your weaker unit deliver the final blow. While this technique may not yield as much EXP as others, it’s a reliable method for consistent growth.

Marth’s Mercurius Engage Weapon

Marth’s Mercurius engage weapon is a game-changer when it comes to leveling up fast in Fire Emblem Engage. This weapon boasts a passive effect that doubles the EXP earned by your unit. However, this bonus only activates when your bond level with Marth reaches 10 or higher. To expedite this process, invest time in bonding with Marth, may it be through combat or by using Bond Points.

Fire Emblem Engage Tips for Beginners

Training at Somniel

Somniel, the hub area in Fire Emblem Engage, offers an efficient method for leveling up your units. Between battles, you can participate in Mock Battles with your allies and other units, reaping generous EXP rewards.

These Mock Battles are a great way to level up fast Fire Emblem Engage. The only drawback is the limitation of three training sessions per day, so use them wisely to maximize your unit’s growth potential.

Byleth’s Mentorship

Byleth is known as the professor in Fire Emblem Three Houses. As an Emblem, you can make use of his Mentorship skill. With Mentorship, he can significantly boost the EXP of your entire team and allies by 20%. To level up fast Fire Emblem Engage, you must utilize this skill.

To access Byleth’s Mentorship, progress through Byleth’s Bond Level 3. Once you reach this milestone, invest 250 SP to gain Byleth’s invaluable mentorship, accelerating your unit’s development.

Unit Trap

For players who want to level up their ranged units, the Unit Trap strategy can be especially effective. You can do this method by targeting opponents stationed on heal tiles. Afterward, deploy your tank units to trap that unit. Unequip the weapons of your tanks so that they will not accidentally kill the enemy.

With this method, you can set up a scenario where your ranged units inflict constant attacks on the enemy. Since the enemy is standing on a healing tile, they can regenerate the damage you inflict. This will result in infinite experience points.

Dragon Vein Spam

Healers, too, have their own strategy for rapid EXP gain through the Emblem Corrin. Utilizing Corrin’s Dragon Vein skill, you can set the floor ablaze. This will cause damage even on your own units that can be healed with your healers. This cycle generates infinite experience points and solidifies your healer’s abilities. This method will guarantee at least a level or two for your healers.

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