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Gilbert Tea Party Guide: Fire Emblem Three Houses

Gilbert Tea Party Guide: Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Last Updated on November 24, 2023

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, engaging in tea time with characters offers valuable insights into their personalities. Gilbert Prosnirav, a Knight of Seiros, is one such character open to tea parties, allowing players to delve deeper into his persona and build rapport. In this guide, we will talk about hosting an excellent Tea Party with Gilbert and his favorite teas, conversation topics, and more.


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Getting to Know Gilbert

Gilbert stands as an experienced Knight, deeply rooted in loyalty and dedication. He exudes a stern countenance, which often masks his true thoughts. Despite his serious demeanor, he holds a fondness for fishing and diverse culinary experiences, contrasting his no-nonsense approach to activities.

How to Unlock Tea Time with Gilbert

To unlock tea time with Gilbert, players need to accomplish Ferdinand’s quest, “Tea for Two.” This allows access to tea time events with characters on birthdays and during free exploration, creating an opportunity for players to interact and deepen their bond with Gilbert.

During tea time, specific teas elevate the experience. Gilbert suggests teas such as Almond Blend and Lavender Blend. These teas are pivotal in setting the ambiance for conversations and in fostering connections with Gilbert.

Conversation Topics for Gilbert Tea Party

The topics for tea time conversations with Gilbert vary widely, covering aspects from discussing weaponry, evaluating allies, monastery rules, to his deep-rooted loyalty to the royal family. Engaging in these conversations provides insights into his perspectives and history.

Tea Party Conversation Topics
A dinner invitationA new gambitA place you’d like to visitA strong battalionA word of advice
CatsChildren at the marketClose callsCooking mishapsEquipment upkeep
Exploring the MonasteryFavorite sweetsFirst crushesFodlan’s futureFood in the Dining Hall
Gardening mishapsGifts you’d like to receiveGood jokesI heard some gossipI’m counting on you
Mighty weaponsMonastery rulesMonastery securityOur first meetingOvercoming weaknesses
Past laughsPerfect recipesPlans for the futureSchool daysShareable snacks
Someone you look up toStrange fish in the pondTell me about yourselfThanks for everythingThe ideal professor
The last battleThe operaThe view from the bridgeThings that bother youWorking hours for guards
Working togetherYour seem wellYou’re doing great workYour ambitions

Preferred Reactions in Final Conversations with Gilbert

The final moments of a tea party with Gilbert offer crucial insights into his mindset. Responding appropriately to his reflections and statements about his past and beliefs can further solidify the bond between the player and Gilbert.

Final Conversation – Preferred Reactions
“Laugh”, “Nod”, or “Commend” at being your big brother Alois“Laugh” at feeling a ghostly presence in my bed“Nod” or “Praise” at finally going home to my wife and daughter“Laugh” at ghosts, sailing, and spicy foods“Nod” or “Chat” at how are you today
“Nod” or “Praise” at if you ever need anything let me know“Nod”, “Commend”, or “Disagree” at not looking much like Captain Jeralt“Commend” at nothing worse than trying to explain a joke“Laugh”, “Chat”, or “Praise” at you should go fishing with me soon

Best Gifts for Gilbert

Gilbert values thoughtful gifts that align with his interests. Items like a Fishing Float, Goddess Statuette, and Ceremonial Sword resonate well with his preferences and symbolize significant elements in his life. Give these gifts to him and you will see him lighten up on you. Moreover, it is a good way to get on his good side.

Now you have the things you need for a tea party with Gilbert in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. With insights into his character, preferred topics, and the best ways to deepen your connection with him during tea time.

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