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Fire Emblem Three Houses New Game Plus: All Benefits

Fire Emblem Three Houses New Game Plus: All Benefits

    Last Updated on October 13, 2023

Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers an epic gaming journey that can last for countless hours. If you’ve already completed one playthrough, there’s no need to set your controller aside. The game rewards your dedication with a feature known as Fire Emblem Three Houses New Game Plus.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the New Game + mode, highlighting its benefits and how to make the most of your newfound advantages.


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Getting Started with Fire Emblem Three Houses New Game Plus

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To initiate Fire Emblem Three Houses New Game Plus, simply select the save file associated with your completed playthrough. You will be prompted to enter this enriching mode, marked with a distinctive Sothis icon. As you embark on this second adventure, you have the freedom to choose a different difficulty level and even alter your Byleth’s gender, creating a fresh and exciting experience.

Benefits of New Game Plus

The cornerstone of Fire Emblem Three Houses New Game Plus is the in-game notebook, which you can access in Byleth’s room within the academy. This notebook introduces various features that you can unlock by spending Renown, the non-gold currency earned during missions. The best part is that your Renown carries over multiple playthroughs, easing your way into subsequent runs.

Using Renown Effectively

One of the most useful applications of Renown is resetting Byleth’s Teacher Level, allowing you to maintain the maximum level you reached in a previous playthrough. This has a direct impact on the number of daily activities you can undertake, making it an excellent early investment. This is another benefit of Fire Emblem Three Houses New Game Plus.

Additionally, you can spend Renown to elevate support levels between characters and Byleth. If you’ve developed strong relationships in a previous run, you can bring them up to par quickly. However, for those with lower or no Support Levels, you’ll need to nurture those connections the traditional way.

You can also use Renown to boost previously acquired weapon skills. For example, if you aim to start your playthrough with an S-rank mage like Hubert, you can pay for this privilege, assuming you achieved that rank previously. For those who didn’t, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and grind your way to the top in Fire Emblem Three Houses New Game Plus.


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Personalization and Cosmetics

New Game + not only empowers you with Renown-based enhancements but also allows you to customize the aesthetics of your gameplay. Players can change the outfits and hairstyles of any student in the game free of charge. Each student has two outfits, reflecting their appearance before and after the five-year time jump. Don’t like Dorothea’s hat? Remove it within the first hour of your new adventure!

If you’ve purchased the DLC season pass for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the customization options extend to Byleth, enabling you to switch to more traditional schoolyard attire via the journal.

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