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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7 Walkthrough

    Last Updated on January 23, 2024

In Fire Emblem Engage, Chapter 7 titled “Dark Emblem” emerges as a crucial phase in the game’s narrative. Marking a significant turning point that shapes subsequent gameplay. This chapter introduces many challenges, new features, and strategic elements that alter the approach to battles and character progression.


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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7 Somniel Unlocks

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As players progress to Chapter 7, the Somniel presents an array of intriguing features. In addition, it also includes ordering meals, accessing the Records Hall, and engaging with the Tower of Trials. The emphasis on meal orders becomes pivotal, offering a collective boost to the army’s stats for ensuing battles.

The characters’ preferences and the chef’s capability in meal preparation are crucial. Cooking meals are important to maximize support and efficiency during combat engagements. The Paralogue battle introduces Anna, a character who adds depth to the roster and has special interactions.

Battle Preparation Strategies and Objectives

Chapter 7 Dark Emblem’s battlefield design, a linear bridge setting, prompts the strategic placement of units. This spatial constraint benefits Alear’s skill, fostering buffs for adjacent allies. Leveraging axe fighters like Vander and Boucheron equipped with Hand Axes counters the prevalence of lance users. Consider using them because they have a tactical advantage at the frontline.

Understanding the terrain’s impact on battle tactics and the benefits of unit positioning optimizes the chances of success. For instance, Etie’s proficiency against fliers and Alcryst’s strategic positioning can redefine the flow of battles.

Effective character pairings play a pivotal role in Chapter 7’s success. Using Citrine’s magic and Lapis’s skill with an Iron Sword, which has the smash ability, adds strategic depth. These combinations offer varied combat interactions, influencing the dynamics of engagements on the battlefield.

Etie’s ability to counter flying units and exploit weaknesses, coupled with Alcryst’s proficiency, can reshape the battle dynamics, creating opportunities for advantageous encounters.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7 Emblem Pairings

For their emblem pairings for Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7, the recommended pairings are:

  1. Chloe & Sigurd: This pairing is an extremely powerful combination because it enables Chloe’s capabilities. Chloe already has high movement as a flying unit and she has one of the best speed stat. In addition, Chloe can often pass over objects would block grounded units. With Sigurd’s help, Chloe can demolish units and move easily anywhere on the battlefield.
  2. Alear & Celica: Pairing Alear and Celica gives Alear a more well-rounded attack and newfound abilities. While engaged, Alear can make use of Seraphim, a powerful magic spell. This adds a ranged attack to Alear’s arsenal that can deal magic damage. In addition, Warp Ragnarok is one of the best for Engage Skills as it offers mobility and damage.
  3. Yunaka & Micaiah: You can pair Micaiah with any unit thanks to her support and healing capabilities. She is best paired with someone who has high movement to utilize staves. For that instance, Yunaka and Micaiah are a great pairing because of Yunaka’s high movement. However, feel free to pair Micaiah with other units because she is versatile.
  4. Vander & Marth: Marth is a strong emblem that is best paired with someone who stays on the front lines. In this case, Vander and Marth is a great pairing because Marth enhances evasion and speed. Vander with Marth can withstand almost any battle while dealing a ton of damage to the enemy.

Battle Walkthrough and Tips

In Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7, the tactical approach to navigating the battlefield is to divide it into upper and lower halves. This helps in flanking obstacles more effectively. Using Alear’s skills, like the Warp Ragnarok, and staying defensive can help gain experience and support levels efficiently.

Chloe, coupled with Sigurd’s support, enhances her mobility, providing an edge in targeting specific enemies and optimizing strategic movement across the battlefield. With your army split in half, it is now time to divide and conquer.

To start the battle, you can engage with Chloe right off the bat and use override to the two lancers at the back. Afterward, you can have Alear engage and use Warp Ragnarok to attack the enemies in the center.

Cleaning up the enemies afterward is easy as long as you do not bite off more than you can chew. Always engage the enemy when you have the advantage and make sure your units are together for support.

Before you reach the right half of the map to defeat Hortensia, make sure that your units are together when you cross it. Lure Hortensia to your army and defeat the Qi-Adept units as fast as you can to have an easier time.

Hortensia has two bars of 33HP and an Emblem Ring (Lucina). Lucina allows her to participate in chain attacks as if they were a backup unit. To defeat Hortensia, utilize Alcryst and Etie to deal massive damage to her. You only need to defeat Hortensia to win the battle so prioritize defeating her.

Post-Battle Rewards and Unlocks

Following the completion of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7, Somniel’s offerings primarily feature new clothing options at the Boutique. However, the acquisition of the Master Seal unlocks a pivotal progression avenue. It unlocks the ability to upgrade base class units to advanced classes upon reaching level 10.

By upgrading base class units to advanced classes, you can unlock a new set of skills and increased stats for your characters. This not only increases their combat effectiveness but also adds depth to the gameplay experience.

In addition to the Master Seal, completing battles and chapters also rewards players with various items and resources. These can range from weapons and armor to stat-boosting items and even rare treasures. These post-battle rewards are essential for strengthening your units and preparing them for the challenges ahead.

Furthermore, the Boutique in Somniel offers a wide range of new clothing options for your characters. While these may seem like mere cosmetic upgrades, they can actually provide additional stat bonuses and special effects. Taking the time to browse through the Boutique and find the perfect outfit for each of your units is worth it.


As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly important to carefully manage your resources and make strategic decisions. This includes choosing which units to upgrade, which items to prioritize, and which battles to engage in. It’s all about finding balance between offense and defense.

In conclusion, Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 7 is a challenge that is worthy of your strategy. In addition, the rewards after the battle make the struggle more worth it. By utilizing the rewards you gained, you can create an army capable of overcoming any challenge. So, gather your forces, plan your moves, and prepare for an epic adventure in the world of Fire Emblem Engage!

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