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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 5 Walkthrough

    Last Updated on January 16, 2024

Embark on a thrilling journey through Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 5 as you brace yourself for the pivotal mission of “Retaking the Castle.” This chapter holds substantial importance in the game’s narrative, presenting a formidable challenge that demands strategic prowess and careful planning from players.

In this article, we will walk you through “Retaking the Castle” and give you the strategies you need to be victorious.


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Preparing for Battle

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In Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 5, meticulous preparation proves to be the key to success. Before delving into the battle at Firene Castle, it’s imperative to engage in exploration. Interact with Sommie, the guardian spirit of Somniel, for added bonuses such as extra Bond Fragments. Additionally, access the Ring Chamber to equip learned skills and craft Bond Rings for Emblems, amplifying their benefits.

Ensuring your units are equipped with ranged weapons, like Hand Axes and Javelins, can significantly enhance their effectiveness on the battlefield. This foresight will prove advantageous, especially for characters like Boucheron, Louis, and Chloé, compensating for their limited movement capabilities.

Battle Strategies and Objectives

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 5’s battle at Firene Castle is tough. Your main goal is to defeat Nelucce while ensuring Alear’s safety. Position your units smartly based on the enemies you face. To avoid enemies surrounding you, focus your attacks on one enemy group at a time.

Use characters like Clanne/Céline, who are good at handling armored foes, when facing armored opponents. You should match weapons carefully and progress cautiously to protect Alear and prevent getting surrounded.

Confronting Nelucce

The climax of Chapter 5 in Fire Emblem Engage is the showdown with Nelucce. Learning how to counter Nelucce’s abilities is essential. Using Break with Alear can disable Nelucce’s counter-attacks, giving your other units a chance to attack without fear of retaliation.

Aftermath and Rewards

After the battle, collect your rewards – the valuable Seraph Robe and 10,000 G, which can help you in the game. Interact with Calney and Pinet, who manage the blacksmith and clothing shop in Somniel, offering useful services.


In Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 5, planning and smart tactics are the keys to success. This part of the game isn’t just about strength; it’s about making careful moves. Apply what you’ve learned, use the right tactics, and enjoy the feeling of victory in “Retaking the Castle.”

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