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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 17: Battle Prep and Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 17: Battle Prep and Walkthrough

    Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Welcome to the thrilling world of Fire Emblem Engage, a tactical RPG that demands cunning strategies and quick thinking. Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 17 awaits, and we’re here to guide you through it. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the intricacies of this chapter, providing you with a detailed roadmap for success.


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Battle Preparation for Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 17

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Before you set foot on the battlefield of Chapter 17, meticulous preparation is essential to secure victory. Here’s a closer look at what you need to do:

  • Character Promotion: Upgrading your characters is paramount. Ensure each character reaches their full potential by promoting them. Choose your promotions wisely based on the roles you want them to fill.
  • Weapon Forging: The right weapons can make all the difference. Craft powerful weaponry, considering the strengths and weaknesses of your characters. Tailor the equipment to match their unique abilities.
  • Stocking Up: A well-equipped army is a formidable force. Ensure your characters have a diverse inventory of items and weapons. For mystics and healers, it’s crucial to have an adequate supply of staves. Don’t forget to pack at least one Fracture for the upcoming battles.

A successful campaign in Chapter 17 begins with a deep understanding of the battlefield. Let’s break down the map’s key elements:

  • Adversaries: Your primary foes are Veyle, the Hounds, and a resurrected King Hyacinth. Each carries a Revival Bead and possesses powerful Emblems.
  • Strategic Order: To minimize challenges, engage your adversaries in the following order: Griss, Marni, Mauvier, Zephia, Hyacinth, and Veyle.

Battling the Bosses in Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 17

Fire Emblem Chapter 17 presents unique adversaries, each with its own set of challenges. Here’s a detailed strategy for facing them head-on:

  • Griss: If your goal is to take down Griss, consider sending characters with high Resistance to confront him. Fliers are excellent options due to their superior Resilience.
  • Marni: Marni is a formidable opponent with high defenses. She wields Lancereaver and is equipped with Hold Out. Defeating her will require you to overcome her Revival Bead multiple times.
  • Mauvier: Be patient and make Mauvier come to you. Avoid venturing too far north, as you risk drawing the attention of the Corrupted Wyrm.
  • Zephia: Keep a watchful eye on Zephia as you advance north. Her wyvern’s mobility, combined with Selph’s movement bonus, allows her to cover a substantial portion of the map. Be cautious as King Hyacinth may step in to protect her, necessitating dealing with him first.

The final three bosses, Hyacinth, Zephia, and Veyle, raise the stakes when their first life bar is depleted. Their enhanced abilities make them formidable foes, so it’s essential to defeat them before they can respond.


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Specific Character Pairings and Loadouts

Strategically pairing your characters and optimizing their loadouts can significantly impact your success in Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 17. Here are some recommended combinations:

  • Alear with Eirika: Alear is one of your main dragon slayers for this chapter. His combination with Eirika provides a formidable front-line force.
  • Chloe and Ivy with Lynn and Lucina: Maintain these pairings, which have served well throughout the story.
  • Diamant with Ike: Diamant’s presence with Ike allows you to manipulate enemy movements. Ike’s Laguz Friend provides additional defense.
  • Yunaka with Corrin: Yunaka’s assistance with Corrin’s Dragon Vein ability clears fire obstacles on the battlefield, creating safer pathways.
  • Jean with Byleth: Jean’s presence complements Byleth’s abilities and aids in terrain manipulation.

Strategically dividing your forces at the start of the chapter sets the stage for a successful campaign. Exercise caution and avoid entering the Wyrm’s range prematurely, as this can lead to avoidable complications.

Emblem recharge tiles can provide a vital advantage during the battle. Utilize them when needed to strengthen your units and increase your chances of victory.

Conquering the Corrupted Wyrm

The Corrupted Wyrm in Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 17 poses a significant ranged threat. It’s crucial to approach this challenge carefully:

  • Hortensia’s Role: Hortensia, with her exceptional range and Fracture, can nullify the Wyrm’s fire breath. Although it may not seem logical, it’s a critical tactic that works.
  • Eliminating the Wyrm: After disabling its fire breath, close in on the Corrupted Wyrm. Employ characters capable of dealing substantial damage to eliminate it before it has a chance to regenerate its breath.

The Endgame: Taking Down Veyle

The final showdown awaits, as you close in on Veyle. Here’s your opportunity to secure victory:

  • Assess the Situation: By this point, your “Griss Elimination Battalion” may have joined your main force. You can now plan your final assault on Veyle.
  • Ambush Warning: Beware of a backdoor cavalier unit attempting to ambush your forces. Fortunately, you can spot them in advance, allowing you to prepare for their arrival.
  • The Final Push: With your entire army in position, swarm in on Veyle, but be prepared to counter any ambushes. Utilize your forces to maximum effect and make use of any available support.

In conclusion, mastering Chapter 17 in Fire Emblem Engage requires a combination of thorough preparation and well-executed tactics. Stick to the strategies outlined in this guide, adapt them to your unique playstyle, and you’ll be well on your way to victory. The destiny of your army is in your hands; now, go seize it.

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