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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16: Complete Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16: Complete Walkthrough

    Last Updated on January 23, 2024

Welcome to Chapter 16 of Fire Emblem Engage, where the tide rises and falls, and your strategic skills are put to the test. In this comprehensive walkthrough, we’ll guide you through the challenges of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16.

This article focuses on effective strategies to overcome obstacles, defeat key enemies, and achieve victory. So grab your best weapons and get ready for a battle.


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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16 Overview

An image of battle setup

Your journey begins on the far right side of the map, with your ultimate goal being to defeat Marni and Mauvier on the opposite side. But it won’t be a walk in the park. The battlefield is dotted with forts and guarded by Corrupted Wyrms that breathe fire with a massive 3-space range.

To make matters more interesting, the tide will rise and fall every two or three turns, turning beach areas into treacherous water tiles that hinder your movement. Fortunately, flying units are immune to this aquatic obstacle.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s a house tucked away in the upper-left corner of the map. Pay it a visit for a rewarding surprise. The citizen will give you a stave called “Recover,” capable of healing for substantial amounts of health.

As for mobility, consider bringing Seadall along. His Dance ability will come in handy to get your units moving again amidst the tide’s challenges.

Party Inventory

Before heading into Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16, it’s crucial to ensure your team is equipped with the best weapons available. Additionally, consider having units like Celine and Hortensia carry extra Psychic, Rescue, and Warp staves. These items can be a lifesaver in navigating the shifting terrain.

If you’ve leveled Hortensia to Sleipnir Rider Level 5, she gains an ability that reduces the chance of stave durability depletion upon use. It is a handy feature in this demanding chapter, and it can save you a lot of money.

For added caution, equipping Hortensia with a Fracture can prove useful. Surprisingly, it can break the fire breath of the Corrupted Wyrms, preventing counterattacks.


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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16 Start of Combat

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16 Combat

As the Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16 combat commences, you’ll gain two new units. These are Rosado and Goldmary. Rosado arrives equipped with the final Emblem Ring, Eirika. A fantastic combo awaits as you Engage with Emblem Eirika, empowering Rosado to almost single-handedly take down the Corrupted Wyrm obstructing your path.

Emblem Eirika’s Sacred Twins skill increases damage, allows you to recover HP from physical attacks, and boosts your entire army’s offensive capabilities. Don’t hesitate to utilize Rosado on Emblem Charge spaces for massive damage and healing when needed.

If you’re eyeing the reward in the upper-left section of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16, send Chloe, especially if she’s accompanied by Lynn. She can handle herself even when alone and remains unaffected by terrain challenges.

Beware of the cavalry unit in the upper-middle area, wielding a Radiant Bow that deals extra MAG damage. Losing valuable units like Ivy can happen if you’re not vigilant in the middle of the field.

While the northern path may be soloable, the lower path requires reinforcements. Keep your strongest forces on the center path and take at least one flying unit to tackle the lower path, as they will prove invaluable in reaching Mauvier later.

Clear some of the forts, but pay special attention to a particular enemy just after the first fort, armed with an Obstruct ability. This is a deadly threat on Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16 where immobility is not an option.

Should Rosado run low on energy as you approach the second Corrupted Wyrm, consider deploying Alear. Make sure to use your Wyrmslayer. Even an under-leveled Alear can deal significant damage, if not eliminate the troublesome reptilian enemy.

Defeating Marni and Mauvier

An image of Rosado v Mauvier Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16

You’ll likely reach Marni first using this strategic approach. Both she and Mauvier possess Revival Beads, but just one each. Focus your central troops on overwhelming Marni and the surrounding Qi Adept users. Keep in mind that Marni’s Hurricane Axe deals extra damage to flying units, but her heavy armor makes her vulnerable to magic attacks.

Once Marni is dealt with, concentrate your squad’s firepower on Mauvier. Magic remains effective, but beware of his Silence ability. Swarm him quickly to prevent him from using it. Clear out the Qi users if possible. Emblem Charge spaces nearer to him offer opportunities for power-ups.

In conclusion, Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 16 presents a challenging yet exciting battleground. By following the strategies outlined in this walkthrough, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the shifting tide, defeat the Corrupted Wyrms, and emerge victorious against Marni and Mauvier. Adapt these tactics to your play style, and may your journey in Fire Emblem Engage be filled with triumphs.

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