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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12 Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12 Walkthrough

    Last Updated on January 28, 2024

As you venture deeper into the world of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12 The Sentinels, presents a unique challenge that combines tactical combat with a race against time.

In this desert skirmish, you’re not just battling the fearsome corrupted; you’re also on a mission to rescue defenseless villagers scattered across the sands. This walkthrough will guide you through completing Chapter 12 in Fire Emblem Engage, ensuring that you emerge victorious while saving every last villager.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12 Pre-Battle Preparations

fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12 Walkthrough

Before diving into the fray of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12, it’s crucial to choose your team wisely. With only six slots available for this mission, each selection counts. Mobility is your best friend here, as reaching villagers quickly can mean the difference between life and death. Consider including characters like Chloe or Ivy, whose ability to fly over obstacles makes them perfect for a swift rescue.

On the flip side, the latter part of the battle demands resilience. Sturdy units like Louis and Jade can hold the line against the onslaught of reinforcements. While magic users have limited utility due to the scarcity of enemy mages, they can still provide support, so don’t discount them entirely.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12 Starting Positions and First Moves

As Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12 begins, position your flying units strategically at the bottom of your formation. Their first task is to head southwest, where the villagers await assistance. Engage any corrupted along the path but keep your eyes on the prize—those villagers need you.

For your other units, divide and conquer is the name of the game. Send a contingent north to join forces with new allies Fodago, Pandreo, and Bunet. These fresh faces bring valuable skills to the table and can help secure the northern front. The rest of your team should start cutting a path through the central enemies, targeting the lone mage first to prevent any magical mishaps.

Managing the Battle in the Desert

In the heart of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12’s desert, you’ll face a diverse mix of foes. From sword fighters to axe wielders and the occasional flier, each enemy type requires a different approach. Your flying units are racing against time to save the villagers. So you should focus on eliminating any corrupted that pose an immediate threat.

Crossing quicksand may be necessary at times. However, you should try to avoid ending your turn within it to keep your units moving efficiently. As you advance, use the terrain to your advantage, and don’t hesitate to leverage the unique abilities of your newest companions.

Reinforcements and Final Push

As the battle progresses in Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12, be ready for waves of reinforcements that will challenge your defenses. Position your armored units strategically to absorb attacks and shield your more vulnerable team members.

When aerial reinforcements arrive, respond with archers or units equipped with anti-air skills. Stay vigilant and adapt your strategy to the evolving battlefield. The objective is not only to survive but also to ensure the safety of every villager on the map.

These new enemies will test your defensive capabilities, so having your armored units ready to absorb their attacks is key. Position them to draw fire and protect the more vulnerable members of your team.

When flying reinforcements swoop in, counter them with archers or units equipped with anti-air skills. Keep a close eye on the battlefield and adapt as new threats emerge. Remember, the goal is not just to survive but to ensure the safety of every villager.

Post-Battle Rewards and Exploration

After the dust settles in Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12, it’s time to reap the rewards of your hard-fought victory. Approach the villagers you’ve saved to receive valuable items like an Elixir, an Obstruct staff, and a coveted Master Seal. These treasures will aid you in future battles and help strengthen your team.

The exploration phase is also an opportunity to gather resources scattered across the map. From Bond Fragments to Iron and Steel Ingots, leave no stone unturned. And don’t forget to befriend the Elyosian Dog in the northern region—it’s a small comfort in a harsh desert.


Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 12 is a test of strategy, speed, and determination. By following this walkthrough, you’ll navigate the challenges of the desert with confidence, ensuring a complete victory and the well-being of all villagers. Take these lessons to heart as you continue your journey through “Fire Emblem Engage,” and may your tactics always lead you to triumph.

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