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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11 Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11 Walkthrough

    Last Updated on January 25, 2024

“Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11: Retreat” presents players with a unique challenge that flips the script on traditional combat scenarios. Instead of charging into battle, you’ll find yourself executing a strategic withdrawal under pressure. This chapter tests your tactical prowess as you guide your units to safety against overwhelming odds.

Overview of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11

In Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11, the stakes are high as you navigate a battlefield where the objective is survival, not victory. With invincible foes on your tail and your Emblem Rings lost you have to think carefully. You’ll need to think quickly and move carefully to avoid being cornered or overwhelmed by the enemy forces.

The loss of the Draconic Time Crystal and Bond Rings leaves you to rely on your units’ abilities and your strategic excellence. The mission is fraught with danger as invincible enemies hunt you relentlessly. This mission requires a careful and calculated approach to navigate successfully.

Preparation for Battle

Before diving into the fray of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11, it’s crucial to prepare your party. This means the right positioning for your units and equipping them with the best gear you have available. You cannot change your party setup in this chapter because you will use the party from the previous chapter.

Since you won’t have access to your usual Emblem powers. Relying on your units’ inherent strengths and vulnerabilities becomes even more important.

Special Enemy Units in Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11 introduces players to unique enemy units that cannot be defeated. Among these is Veyle, she is impossible to defeat so do not waste time on her. However, you can defeat the hounds but it is unimportant since it is not the objective in this chapter.

Instead of trying to defeat Veyle and her hounds, just make sure to arrive at the escape point in one piece. Especially for those playing in Classic Mode, you cannot afford to lose a single unit here because there will be no turn retries.

Making Your Retreat

The core of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11 is the retreat. You’ll start the mission on the run, and your goal is to reach the escape point without losing any units. This means carefully advancing your units in a protective formation. This will ensure that your most vulnerable members are shielded by those who can take a hit.

The strategy is not to rush forward thoughtlessly. If you just try to race to the end, you will lose your units and fail to win. Instead, we are going to march our units in formation. Moreover, make sure that our more durable warriors are protecting our more vulnerable ranged units.

As you maneuver through Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11, it’s essential to keep your units close and move as a cohesive group. Utilize terrain advantages and keep your archers and mages protected while your armored units absorb enemy attacks. Pay close attention to enemy movement patterns and strike a balance between aggressive retaliation and cautious advancement.

One constant source of frustration will be the Martial Monk using their Freeze staff on you to hinder your movement. The Freeze staff has a great range and makes it impossible for your unit to move. You should prioritize defeating it early to avoid hindrances.

Post-Battle Exploration

After successfully retreating in Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11, you’ll return to The Somniel, where new opportunities await. Engage in Wyvern Riding, a new mini-game that offers a change of pace from the intense strategy of battle. Additionally, take this time to restock and prepare for future challenges, as the shops will have updated their inventory with valuable items like Secondary Seals and Master Seals.


Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11 is a test of your strategic retreat skills rather than your offensive prowess. By carefully planning each move and utilizing the tools and terrain at your disposal, you can ensure the safety of your units and live to fight another day. Moreover, in the world of Fire Emblem Engage, sometimes the bravest move is to know when to withdraw.

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