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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10 Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10 Walkthrough

    Last Updated on January 23, 2024

In “Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10: The Fell Dragon Sombron,” you’re up against the menacing King Hyacinth. This chapter presents a unique combat encounter divided into two distinct parts. You’ll first face Hortensia and her squad before taking on Morion and Hyacinth himself. This guide will walk you through each step to ensure you come out on top.

As you prepare to face the twisted king, this walkthrough aims to arm you with the knowledge and tactics needed to dethrone him and progress in your quest. From unit selection to battlefield maneuvers, every decision counts in this intricate dance of war.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10 Setup Phase

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Before you engage in battle in Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10, it’s essential to select your units thoughtfully. Chloe is a crucial member of your team, especially if equipped with Sigurd’s Emblem Ring, which allows her to use the Canter ability effectively. Arm her with an upgraded javelin to maximize her combat potential.

Alongside Chloe, you’ll need a mix of tanky units. Make sure to bring at least one tank to serve as your front line. Next, you should bring both archers for their range and damage against flying units. The enemies will have plenty of flying units so make sure to bring the archers to defeat them efficiently.

You should also bring mages for their offensive spells to defeat enemies with high armor and defense. Lastly, you should bring your healers for support and healing when it comes handy. Diamant remains a strong choice for his swordsmanship. Fill the remaining slots with your highest-level units, focusing on a balanced team composition.

Position your axe fighters and at least one sword user on the left, with lance-wielders and Chloe near the center. Ensure each group has a healer and distribute your mages evenly.

Battle in the Fell Dragon’s Cathedral – Dealing with Hortensia

The first half of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10 is a battle against Hortensia and her squad. The Magic Artillery, similar to a ballista, is your primary concern. The Magic Artilerry allows the enemy mages to launch powerful attacks from a distance leaving your tanks vulnerable.

Chloe’s role is to eliminate the mage operating it, allowing your team to advance without facing constant magical attacks. After dealing with the mage, create a defensive formation with your units. Afterward, use the terrain to increase evasion and protect your team from enemy advances.

A thief will appear after the first round, aiming for the treasure chests. Take them out quickly with your surrounding units or have Chloe handle them if necessary. Remember, the Canter ability doesn’t allow for opening chests. However, you can still collect the items dropped by the thief.

As the enemy closes in, focus on taking out the Pegasus Knights first. The mobility of Pegasus Knights allows them to bypass your frontline and target your more vulnerable units. Utilize your mages to exploit the weaknesses of the armored units. Lastly, don’t hesitate to use your Emblem abilities to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Battle in the Fell Dragon’s Cathedral – Taking Out Hyacinth

Once you’ve defeated Hortensia’s forces, Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10 leads you to confront Morion and King Hyacinth. Moving into the second half of Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10, you’ll face off against Morion and King Hyacinth.

Morion is a strong opponent, but with concentrated attacks from your strongest units, you can bring him down quickly. Be mindful of his counterattacks and position your units to avoid unnecessary damage.

Focus on taking out Morion’s minion units first, using your most potent attacks to defeat them easily. Utilize the Emblem Energy Pools to recharge your emblem abilities, ensuring you’re ready for the main event.

Hyacinth’s long-range Emblem Attack can hit units across a large distance. You should keep your vulnerable characters, especially Chloe, out of his line of fire until he’s used this powerful move. When it’s time to confront King Hyacinth, approach with caution.

Hyacinth’s clones can easily overwhelm unprepared teams. You must take them out swiftly with accurate, low-damage attacks to prevent them from assisting Hyacinth. Once you have defeated the clones, surround Hyacinth with your units and unleash a barrage of attacks. Remember to keep your healers ready to provide support, as Hyacinth’s attacks can be devastating.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10 Post-Battle Rewards

After winning in Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10, you can thoroughly explore the Fell Dragon’s Cathedral. You can find many treasures you may have missed during the battle. The Killer Axe, Energy Drop, and Freeze Staff are valuable items that can significantly enhance your team’s strength.

Additionally, you should check the treasure chests for an Elfire tome and a Dracoshield. These items can provide a significant boost to your units’ magical capabilities and defenses, respectively.


Successfully navigating Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 10 requires a blend of strategy, quick thinking, and effective use of your units’ unique abilities. With the strategies outlined in this guide, you’re equipped to tackle the challenges posed by Hortensia, Morion, and King Hyacinth. Your victory here is a testament to your growing skills as a tactician in the world of Fire Emblem Engage.

This chapter’s victory is a testament to your strategic acumen and your units’ valor and strength. As you move forward in Fire Emblem Engage, the experiences and spoils of this battle will serve as the foundation for the challenges that await.

The journey is far from over, but with a keen mind and a strong team, there’s no obstacle you can’t overcome. Onward to victory, brave tactician, as the fate of the continent rests in your capable hands.

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