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Felix Tea Party Guide: Best Teas and Conversation Topics Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Felix Tea Party Guide: Best Teas and Conversation Topics Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    Last Updated on October 23, 2023

Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers a multitude of engaging experiences, including the all-important Tea Party events. In this guide, we’ll dive into Felix Fraldarius, a character known for his strong swordsmanship and unique preferences when it comes to Tea Parties.


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Preparing for Felix’s Tea Party

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To host a Tea Party, players must complete a quest in Chapter 4 from Ferdinand. This quest involves gifting an Elegant Tea Set to Lorenz. Once this is done, you can invite people to enjoy a spot of tea. When it comes to Felix, there are some things you should know. The key here is to serve his favorite tea, Almyran Pine Needles and Four-Spice Blend.

Tea Party Conversation Topics

During a Tea Party, you’ll have three prompts for conversation topics. Choose carefully, as each character has distinct likes and dislikes. Picking the right ones can significantly affect the outcome of your Tea Party.

Here is a full list of Conversation Topics for Felix:

A New GambitA new sword techniqueA strong battalionCapable ComradesCatsChildren at the marketClasses you might enjoy
Evaluating alliesExploring the MonasteryFood in the Dining HallI’m counting on youMighty WeaponsMonastery securityOur first meeting
Plans for the futurePotential training partnersReliable alliesShareable snacksSomeone you look up toThe last battleThe opera
You’re doing great workYour AmbitionsEquipment UpkeepOvercoming weaknessesWorking together

Preferred Reactions in Final Conversations

When you serve Felix his preferred teas, you will unlock Final Conversations. During these Final Conversations, Felix has specific reactions he prefers during a Tea Party.

You can choose to “Blush” or “Laugh” to appreciate all that he does, “Commend” for his family’s soldierly background, or “Nod” for various subjects. The reactions play a crucial role in building your bond and can even increase your Charm.

Here is a full list of Felix’s Preferred Reactions during Final Conversations:

Appreciating all that you do = “Blush” or “Laugh” Being born into a family of soldiers = “Commend”Joining him for sword training = “Nod” or “Commend”Resting too long = “Chat” or “NodThe room feeling peaceful = “Laugh”
Skill and survival mattering = “Nod” “Chat” or “Commend”Snacking when taking a break = “Sip tea” or “Nod”Spending time with you = “Blush” or “Laugh”What made you so strong = “Chat” or “Blush”

Here are some handy tips to make your Tea Party with Felix effective and memorable:

  1. Serve Almyran Pine Needles or Four Spice Blend: Always choose Felix’s favorite tea.
  2. Watch the clock: Time is of the essence during Tea Parties, so be mindful of the time limits.
  3. Pay attention to prompts: Choose conversation topics that align with Felix’s preferences, as indicated earlier.
  4. Aim for preferred reactions: To maximize your bond and Charm, select Felix’s preferred reactions.
  5. Practice makes perfect: If you don’t achieve a perfect Tea Party on your first try, don’t worry. Keep practicing to improve your skills.

In the world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, mastering the art of Tea Parties can be as crucial as winning battles. When hosting a Felix Tea Party, serve Almyran Pine Needles, pick the right conversation topics, and react appropriately to earn his admiration and increase your Charm.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to forming a deeper bond with the formidable Felix Fraldarius. Enjoy your time at the Monastery and make your Tea Party truly unforgettable!

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