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Why Final Fantasy XVI’s Active Time Lore Must Be Standard

Why Final Fantasy XVI’s Active Time Lore Must Be Standard

    Last Updated on June 15, 2023

The Active Time Lore (ATL) system is an in-game glossary that provides players with information about the characters, locations, and factions in Final Fantasy XVI. Basically, it is a fancy and intuitive interactive glossary of everything about the game. This includes the descriptions of all characters, the story of each location you visit, and even the dynamic of all in-game factions. The feature is accessible at any time during the game, even during cutscenes, by pressing the touchpad on the DualSense controller.

If it isn’t apparent yet, the Active Time Lore is an extremely helpful tool for players. Not only can it help them better understand everything that is going on with the game, but it also further immerses them in its lore and characters. It is a fun addition to Final Fantasy XVI and is certainly welcome at that. In fact, the feature connected so well with Final Fantasy franchise fans that an argument can be made that it should now be present in all Final Fantasy games moving forward. And we totally agree with that.

What’s Inside the Active Time Lore?

Active Time Lore Character Description

To better understand why the Active Time Lore feature will be a very welcome addition to all Final Fantasy games moving forward, we must first know what’s exactly inside of it. The Active Time Lore in Final Fantasy XVI is divided into several sections, including:

  • Characters. This Active Time Lore section contains a brief description of every character that you meet in the game. This includes their relationships with each other. Additionally, this serves as an effective introductory tool to all the game’s characters, prominent or not. Indeed, it further immerses the players.
  • Locations. This section contains all significant information about the many different locations players will walk into playing Final Fantasy XVI. This includes each location’s geography, history, and culture.
  • Factions. This section details the many warring factions currently residing in the world of Valisthea. Here, you can view each faction’s allegiances and conflicts. This includes their members, ideologies, and current goals.
  • Jargon. This Active Time Lore section provides definitions of terms that are used in the game, such as “eikons” and “Dominions.” If you can’t understand a term, chances are you’d find its meaning here.

The Active Time Lore serves as a valuable asset for players seeking to delve deeper into the intricacies of the Final Fantasy XVI world. It proves particularly useful for those encountering difficulties in comprehending the story. As a welcomed addition to the Final Fantasy series, the ATL stands as a feature that I earnestly desire to see incorporated in forthcoming games.

Why Adding Active Time Lore is an Excellent Idea for Next FF Games

Having experienced what the Active Time Lore has to offer personally via the Final Fantasy XVI demo, I can confidently say that adding it to the next Final Fantasy games is an excellent idea that Square Enix should certainly look deeper into. 

It enhances players’ understanding of the story and characters by furnishing them with extensive details. Through its comprehensive coverage of Final Fantasy XVI’s world, encompassing characters, locations, and factions, the Active Time Lore equips players with the knowledge that aids in comprehending the narrative and characters. Moreover, it facilitates more informed decision-making during gameplay.

Additionally, the Active Time Lore contributes to a heightened sense of immersion. Players can explore the world of the particular Final Fantasy game it is featured in at their leisure. There is no need to interrupt gameplay to engage with a lengthy codex. Doing the same for the next Final Fantasy games just feels like a no-brainer at this point. That said, only time will tell what Square Enix would do with this “gem of a feature” in the future.

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