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Marianne Tea Party Guide: Best Teas and Conversation Topics

Marianne Tea Party Guide: Best Teas and Conversation Topics

    Last Updated on November 4, 2023

Marianne von Edmund, known for her shyness, is a beloved character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. With a deep affection for animals, especially birds, she’s a member of the Golden Deer house at the Officer’s Academy. In this guide, we’ll delve into hosting the perfect Tea Party for Marianne and how to make it a memorable experience.


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Getting to Know Marianne

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Marianne’s shyness and her devotion to the Goddess of Fodlan make her a unique character in the world of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. As a member of the Golden Deer house, her love for animals, particularly birds, sets her apart. Now, let’s explore the art of hosting a Marianne Tea Party.

Unlocking Marianne’s Tea Party

Before you can enjoy a tea party with Marianne, you must first complete Ferdinand’s quest, “Tea for Two.” This unlocks tea time events with characters on birthdays and during free exploration, giving you the opportunity to connect with Marianne.

Marianne’s Favorite Teas

Marianne has a distinct taste when it comes to tea. Her favorites include Lavender Blend, Dagda Fruit Blend, and Cinnamon Blend. The right tea can set the mood for a delightful Marianne Tea Party, so choose carefully.

Engaging Conversations with Marianne

When hosting a tea party, it’s essential to choose engaging conversation topics. Choosing the correct topics will improve your relationship with Marianne.

Here is a full list of Marianne’s preferred conversation topics during your Tea Party:

Tea Party Conversation Topics
A dinner invitationA new gambitA word of adviceBooks you’ve read recentlyCats
Children at the marketClose callsExploring the MonasteryFodlan’s futureForest birds
Gardening mishapsHopes for your futureI heard some gossipLikeable alliesMonastery mysteries
Our first meetingOvercoming weaknessesPlans for the futureRelaxing at the SaunaSchool days
Strange fish in the pondTell me about yourselfThanks for everythingThe existence of CrestsThe ideal professor
The last battleThe Library’s collectionThe view from the bridgeYou seem different

Final Conversation Preferred Reactions Marianne Tea Party

The final moments of your Marianne Tea Party can leave a lasting impression. Your choice of words matters, as they can influence your relationship with Marianne. Choose your responses thoughtfully for a positive outcome.

Here is a full list of Marianne’s preferred reactions during Final Conversations:

Final Conversation – Preferred Reactions
“Nod” or “Disagree” at beginning to feel more comfortable talking to people“Laugh” or “Blush” at hoping you never leave me“Disagree”, “Chat”, or “Admonish” at meeting misfortune spending too much time with me“Praise” or “Chat” at not knowing what to say“Praise” or “Chat” at not like I can go home
“Admonish” or “Disagree” with spending time with me must be boring“Commend”, “Laugh”, or “Nod” at thinking I can look forward to living my life“Disagree” with wasting time spent with me“Sigh” or “Nod” at you don’t seem to be very good at talking

Choosing Thoughtful Gifts

Gift-giving is another way to strengthen your bond with Marianne. She appreciates gifts such as Floral Adornments, Dapper Handkerchiefs, Armored Bear Stuffy, and Lily of the Valley. Selecting the right gift can demonstrate your thoughtfulness and care for her.

Hosting a Tea Party in Fire Emblem: Three Houses can be a rewarding experience. By following this guide and considering Marianne’s preferences, you can create a memorable and meaningful party. Strengthen your bond with Marianne as you explore the world of Fodlan.

On your next visit to the Officer’s Academy, don’t forget to invite Marianne for a delightful tea time. Your attention to detail and thoughtful choices will surely win her over, and your support with Marianne will grow as a result.

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