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Will There Ever Be A Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox Version?

Will There Ever Be A Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox Version?

    Last Updated on June 25, 2023

The Final Fantasy series holds a special place in the hearts of JRPG enthusiasts. Its renowned titles like Final Fantasy VII, along with its recent remake, have achieved iconic status. In fact, the Square Enix property is so popular that even those outside the gaming bubble may recognize it. Characters such as Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart have become a part of pop culture because of this. Not only are these characters very relatable, but their stories also resonate deeply with gamers around the globe. And with this popularity is the demand to play their games. While Final Fantasy VII Remake has already made its way to PC, it is still to make its debut on Xbox consoles. Well, that is if it ever will. In this article, we aim to answer the question if a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox version will ever be available.

Final Fantasy 7’s Situation on Both Xbox and PlayStation

Despite its widespread fame and renowned status as one of the best games in recent memory, Final Fantasy VII is still noticeably absent from Xbox platforms. This includes both current-gen and next-gen consoles. While some Xbox gamers may find it mind-boggling why there is still no Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox version, the answer itself is pretty simple, to be honest.

Square Enix’s iconic franchise has arguably established its name on Xbox’s rival console, the PlayStation. The original Final Fantasy VII, in particular, was exclusive to the first PlayStation. Sony invested millions to ensure that the popular JRPG remain exclusive to their platform for as long as possible. And while the legendary series has now widely been available to Xbox consoles, it certainly feels like Sony still has a deal with Square Enix in place. 

Why There is No Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox Version

Their blockbuster Final Fantasy entries, such as the Final Fantasy VII Remake and its upcoming sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, will remain unavailable to Xbox. Whereas Sony has plans to make them eventually available to PC, it is quite hard to imagine them giving Xbox a chance. 

This situation is indicative of a broader industry trend. Moreover, a reflection of complex business relationships. There are strategic decisions made by game developers and console manufacturers that influence where a game will be released. 

In this instance, the absence of a Final Fantasy VII Remake Xbox version implies a more profound underlying matter. It goes beyond the simple act of releasing a game on a different platform. It involves maneuvering through the complex network of partnerships, licensing agreements, and competition within the gaming industry.


Those wishing for a Final Fantasy 7 Remake Xbox version shouldn’t really hold their breaths. As it currently stands, there is no indication that the popular game will be available on the particular console. Yes, the relationships between rivaling brands, Sony and Microsoft, may be improving by the minute. However, keep in mind that this is still business at the end of the day. The console wars may actually never be over. The two corporations will inevitably butt heads every time in situations like this in an effort to make more profit. 

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