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Will Final Fantasy 16 Be On PC? What We Know So Far

Will Final Fantasy 16 Be On PC? What We Know So Far

    Last Updated on June 23, 2023

Being one of the most anticipated 2023 releases, it is only natural for the whole gaming community to go crazy for Final Fantasy 16. So much so that, recently, all you can seemingly hear online is praises for it and how Square Enix has another gem on their catalog thanks to it. Only days after its release, many already brand Final Fantasy 16 as a massive success, and we just can’t help but agree. That said, another question remains: Will Final Fantasy 16 be on PC? Read on as we share with you everything we know so far.

Will Final Fantasy 16 Be On PC? – Yes, Evenutaully

Before we proceed with the particular matter at hand, let us first talk about the exclusivity of Final Fantasy 16 on PlayStation 5. Right from its announcement back in 2020, Square Enix made sure to tell everyone that the game will be PlayStation exclusive. However, they also clarified that it won’t be forever like that. Actually, Final Fantasy 16 is timed-exclusive on the PS5. Square Enix clarifies that after a six-month exclusivity, the highly-anticipated 16th entrant to the Final Fantasy series will be available for other platforms. So, which platforms will the game move after half a year?

And here is what you’ve been waiting for. Will Final Fantasy 16 be on PC? The answer to that is yes…eventually. After the six-month exclusivity deal with Sony, Square Enix confirms that Final Fantasy 16 will have a PC port. The game’s director, Naoki Yoshida, popularly known as “Yoshi-P,” has verified that a PC edition is in the works. However, it’s not simply a matter of replicating the game as is for the PC platform. Yoshida intends to enhance the game by implementing smooth loading mechanics, aiming for an exceptional gaming experience. 

That said, achieving this objective will require a significant amount of time for the PC port’s development. So this does not necessarily mean that after six months the PC port will come out immediately. The waiting period for it can still be much longer than that. If we are to assume a release window for the Final Fantasy 16 PC port, we’d have to say somewhere next year. Perhaps in Q1 2024. Sadly, Xbox gamers aren’t so lucky.

It Will Be Worth The Wait

Will Final Fantasy 16 be on PC? Without a doubt. But, then again, it won’t happen right away. The latest details shared by Square Enix and the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, along with a glance at previous releases, indicate that the PC port is expected to grace our screens sometime in 2024. Indeed, the prospect of waiting a little longer than anticipated may test the patience of some fans. However, it’s also reassuring to witness Square Enix’s unwavering dedication to delivering an outstanding gaming experience across all platforms.

Square Enix’s decision to bring Final Fantasy 16 to PC demonstrates its commitment to reaching a broader audience. Moreover, it ensures that players on different platforms can partake in the awe-inspiring adventure as well. By expanding their horizons beyond console exclusivity, the developers are opening the doors for PC enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Final Fantasy.

As we eagerly await the PC release, it’s important for us, fellow gamers, to remain poised and ready with our trusty controllers or keyboards by our sides. With every passing day, we inch closer to embarking on a remarkable journey. A memorable experience filled with breathtaking landscapes, engaging characters, and epic battles. It will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the franchise’s storied history on our PCs.

In the meantime, let’s keep our eyes peeled for any forthcoming announcements or enticing sneak peeks that Square Enix might unveil. As the anticipation builds, let’s remember that great things often require time and meticulous attention to detail. So, let us bask in the excitement of what lies ahead. Final Fantasy 16 on PC promises to be a remarkable addition to the franchise.

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