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Why GTA Online 2 Could Be Bad?

Why GTA Online 2 Could Be Bad?

    Last Updated on June 4, 2023

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) will have an online mode, aka GTA Online 2. However, a concerning leak has fans worried about what it could look like. After all, GTA Online saw massive success with positive reviews from fans and critics.

GTA Online launched alongside GTA V. It also saw billions of dollars in revenue for Rockstar Games. However, it does leave many to wonder what could happen in GTA Online 2. After all, will it improve on the last one or become something else?

Tons of fans and players look forward to its official release. However, it could also lead to tons of disappointment. It’s no secret that the same success could apply to the next online multiplayer. However, that also includes the same problems.

What Could Go Wrong with GTA Online 2?

We’ve already heard the rumors about the release date for Grand Theft Auto VI. However, the possibility of a GTA Online 2 coming out alongside GTA 6 could be disastrous. There are also tons of reasons why it could go wrong.

  • Too Similar. One of the biggest reasons why the new GTA Online could flop is because it’s too similar to the original. After all, there is a possibility that it could be just like the last one. However, it would just have updated and enhanced graphics with little to no new content or features.
  • Too Expensive. Another reason why it can flop is it might be too expensive. We know for a fact that GTA Online 2 will still be a free-to-play game. However, if they start charging gamers to play, it will lead to riots. After all, players already have trouble with the number of premium items they can purchase with real-world money. This could also lead to a more pay-to-win environment, which will be a bad gameplay experience for everyone.
  • Might Focus on Microtransactions. Speaking of spending real-world money, the game might emphasize microtransactions. It is no secret that Rockstar Games made a lot of money with Shark Cards. It leads to adding more to your in-game currency. If it wasn’t clear the first time, it will be clearer in GTA Online 2.
  • Hackers Galore. Yet, all of that trouble could be meaningless once you encounter a hacker. There were plenty of cases where hackers just stole money from other players online.  So, what’s the point of spending too much? We also know that every new version of an online game will be prone to hackers. It could also eventually lead to a flop for GTA Online 2.
  • Repetitive. Lastly, it could be too grindy and repetitive. After all, you need to spend a lot of time if you want to do it the free-to-play way. Players who don’t want to spend real-world money must dedicate time and effort to grinding for more money. The goal is to get the best items and vehicles available. It could lead to disappointment in the overall gameplay experience.
GTA Online Car Goals

Rockstar Games Must Be Careful

These are only a few things that could go wrong in GTA Online 2. It hasn’t taken into account the possible long loading times, server crashes, and other technical issues. Yet, hardcore fans will ignore that unless the developers actually make the game unplayable.

With every new thing comes scrutiny and suspicion, especially from gamers. Rockstar Games will have to be extremely cautious if they want GTA Online 2 in GTA 6 to succeed. Only time will tell if the developers can get past and avoid these hurdles to deliver a quality gameplay experience.

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