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Why Easter Eggs Exist in Games

Why Easter Eggs Exist in Games

    Last Updated on May 16, 2023

Easter Eggs has been a part of the gaming industry for as long as it was born. These little hidden gems are purposefully made by developers for gamers to find. While these are optional and do not affect the games in any way, finding them is an extremely rewarding experience.

In fact, there are forums fully dedicated to them because they are so popular. Almost every game out there has at least one of them, and they are usually worth the trouble. As an ode to these wonderful little gems, let us talk about why Easter Eggs exist in video games.

Easter Eggs – A Satisfying Surprise

Firstly, we need to answer the question “What is an Easter Egg?”. A video game Easter Egg is a secret feature placed inside a game. There is a slim chance that you will see all of them because they are not obvious at first glance. These surprises are often a strange occurrence or a joke from the game’s developers.

These Easter Eggs usually come in the form of minute details hidden in a video game. For example, it may reference popular pop culture, a classic video game, or a story detail from past games. These hidden gems have become a beloved part of the gaming industry for multiple reasons.

A reason why it became so popular is because of its references. Seeing a loving tribute from one video game to another is quite enjoyable to see. These are one of the few times where we see how interconnected the gaming industry is. It reminds us of the human element of video games.

Easter Eggs are also popular because it is satisfying to encounter them. Since developers hide easter eggs, it provides a sense of accomplishment whenever a player finds one. Finding Easter Eggs usually require hard work and superb attention to detail. Not everyone gets to see an Easter Egg in a video game.

Since Easter Eggs are optional, it made finding them even more enjoyable. Doing something you are required to do is not as fun as doing something because you want to. Personally, I find the act of searching for Easter Eggs more satisfying than finishing the main quest. It is just something that is a fact of life.

Easter Eggs Create Communities

In the digital age that we live in, it is easier for us to communicate with each other and share our thoughts. Since developers hide Easter Eggs from us, it is hard for a single person to unearth every little Easter Egg in a game. That is where a community comes in.

If you search the internet, there are countless forums and websites that talk about Easter Eggs and how to find them. In a way, they become a bridge that connects every gamer together. The simple act of sharing an Easter Egg on the internet creates a discussion full of like-minded people.

It is not often for people to find friends randomly on the internet, but talking about similar interests will help that. Talking about easter eggs in a video game is one of the best topics of conversation for some people. While this may be surprising, it is one of those heartwarming situations you can only find in gaming.

Lastly, Easter Eggs remind us that the ones who develop our video games are humans too. These Easter Eggs are little gifts left behind for us. The sole purpose of these is for us to find them and enjoy them. In a way, finding the Easter Eggs in a game is a way for gamers and developers to connect with each other.

Worthwhile Hidden Gems

To top off this article, these wonderful hidden gems are a cherry on top of our beloved video games. Since it does not affect the game in any way, you can appreciate them for what they are and what they represent.

Game developers do not intend for us to take an Easter Egg seriously. They are only there for your enjoyment and nothing else. We can take comfort in the fact that the developers behind our games want to leave an imprint of themselves on their creations.

Before you go on and underestimate the effect of an Easter Egg on a person, remind yourself that it is something that people enjoy. One should never underestimate the power of human connection. So go on and find every Easter Egg your favorite game has to offer. It is certainly worth the effort.

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