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What You Need to Know About Bleak Faith: Forsaken

What You Need to Know About Bleak Faith: Forsaken

    Last Updated on March 18, 2023

Bleak Faith: Forsaken might seem like another Souls-like game. However, make no mistake. This game stands out from the oversaturated genre. It’s just one of those games that might rise to indie game fame.

I am slightly biased because I adore Souls-like games. However, Archangel Studios are on to something with this open-world horror. It’s even got FromSoftware on its toes as the giant developers quickly created a controversy.

So, what is Bleak Faith: Forsaken? Why is it making waves in an oversaturated genre full of repetitive gameplay? Keep reading to know more. You can also check out our website for other articles like this one.

What is Bleak Faith: Forsaken?

Bleak Faith: Forsaken Gameplay

Once you start playing, the game immediately puts your survival skills to the test. Bleak Faith: Forsaken is an action-RPG fantasy. Archangel Studios released the game earlier last week on March 11, 2023.

The developers set you in a horrifying world as you control a dying body. You must explore and survive the world with a more oppressive feel than other Souls-like games. It will also feel like this world has you in a grip of fear and mystery.

However, what makes the game more unique is the lack of story. You must interact with NPC or Non-Player Characters to learn about the world. The game also appeals to hardcore explorers and souls-like enjoyers alike.

You have to explore the vastness of the Omnistructure. The best aspect of Bleak Faith: Forsaken’s world is that there’s no one way to reach a destination. Each path is also interconnected which can get you lost if you don’t remember anything.

Gameplay & Graphics

One of Bleak Faith: Forsaken’s selling points is its dark graphics and smooth gameplay. However, FromSoftware, developers of Elden Ring, are filing a lawsuit. They undoubtedly believe that they plagiarized the gameplay and art style of Elden Ring.

There’s also a wide range of enemies in the game. From Knights to Metal Monsters, there’s no guessing what you’ll encounter on your journey. However, what attracts players is the varying move sets for the bosses.

Each Souls-like game relies heavily on watching for patterns and movements. The bosses in Bleak Faith: Forsaken also have different ideas. It’s also the main challenge for your combos in combat.

Although FromSoftware claims plagiarism, Bleak Faith is unique in its own way. However, we’ll bring you more news once the story develops. Check out our website for more gaming and esports news.

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