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What Valorant Fans Need to Know about the Updraft 2023

What Valorant Fans Need to Know about the Updraft 2023

    Last Updated on May 28, 2023

The Updraft returns for 2023. Our tournament, powered by PLANET9, is making a comeback and is better than ever. We’re calling out to the VALORANT players in the South East Asia (SEA) region to participate if they dare.

It is time to join a fast-paced tournament to determine who stands at the top. Are you ready to prove your worth on these grounds?

What is Updraft 2023?

The Updraft powered by PLANET9 is an event covering the SEA region. KJC eSports takes credit for planning, organizing, and producing the tournament. Even more, it is a series of standalone competitions that do not affect the Riot Games VALORANT Champions Tour.

KJC eSports originally had the Updraft tournament in February 2022. It also featured Cyberport as a co-organizer. Furthermore, the competition could only have eight participating teams in the SEA region.

Updraft 2022 ran for 12 weeks in a single elimination format with a winner-takes-all prize of $100. All matches were a best-of-three (BO3) aside from the quarterfinals, which was a best-of-one.

It also had winners from all across the SEA region. Teams like Luminasity Esports, Nightmare Fenix, and Blitz Esports are just a few names that won the tournament.

Now, for 2023, the tournament will still be a single elimination format. However, there are now 16 slots for participants in the event. All matches will still be a best-of-three (BO3) aside from the quarterfinals. The quarterfinals will be a best-of-one (BO1). However, unlike Updraft 2022, Updraft 2023 will have a prize pool of $200.

Registration will be starting from January 6 to January 13. There will be a check-in for all teams participating on January 15-16. So, it’s best to register with the intent of pushing through. The official tournament qualifiers and quarterfinals will be on January 17 from 8 PM onwards (GMT+8).

How Do I Register for Updraft’s Tournament?

Updraft powered by PLANET9

It’s super easy to register for Updraft 2023. All you have to do is head over to PLANET9’s website and create an account. Once done signing up, go to The Updraft W1 Powered by PLANET9 page.

Go ahead and click join when you’re finally at the page. It will show a prompt asking you to accept the terms and conditions and abide by the rules. Then, it also brings you a page asking you to join or create a team.

If you decide to create a team, just click on the button and fill out the essential information. You can name your team whatever you want, but you will need to find members. Go around our discord or other communities in the SEA region to recruit teammates.

Ask them to register on PLANET9 so you can send an invite to join the team. After that, all you have to do is prepare for tournament day. Be sure to check our website for updates, or you can follow us on social media to check our daily posts.

The Complete Schedule

A specific Updraft event will run on weekday evenings, Tuesday until Thursday. The schedule for specific matches will be the same for all Updraft events and will be the following:

  1. Tuesday
    a. 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
    i. Qualifiers (8 simultaneous games – Best-of-One)
    b. 9:00 PM (GMT+8)
    i. Quarterfinals (4 simultaneous games – Best-of-One)
  2. Wednesday – 8:00 PM (GMT+8)
    a. Semifinals (2 simultaneous games – Best-of-Three)
  3. Thursday – 9:00 PM (GMT+8)
    a. Grand Finals (Streamed – Best-of-Three)

However, if you’re looking for the dates, here’s a list:

  • Week 1 Registration: January 6-13
  • Week 1 Tournament: January 17-19
  • Week 2 Registration: February 3-10
  • Week 2 Tournament: February 14-16
  • Week 3 Registration: February 18-25
  • Week 3 Tournament: February 28- March 2
  • Week 4 Registration: March 4-11
  • Week 4 Tournament: March 14-16

You can also check out PLANET9 on Instagram to stay updated with the tournament. Go ahead and register on their website now to participate.

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