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What Is Redfall?

What Is Redfall?

    Last Updated on January 30, 2023

Redfall is an upcoming first-person co-op shooter. It also received a lot of attention after its reveal as the final game of the Xbox + Bethesda E3 2021 showcase. Even more, it is a mysterious open world with a vast lineup of characters. It also includes strategic combat that will keep you on your toes and a diverse arsenal of weaponry. But, what’s really important is it has a lot of vampires. 


At the June 2022 Xbox and Bethesda event, Redfall received an in-depth gameplay demo. This demo also included atmospheric horror, bloodied flooring, with flies flying around piles of some type of slime. Even more, in the attic of a church, we watched one of the main characters fight off a swarm of tall vampires.

Redfall is a first-person shooter set in an open-world Massachusetts. Even more, players must slice and dice a Vampiric danger that has taken over the town. There will also be customizable load-outs, special skills, level requirements, and plenty of loot.

Even with all of your weapons and abilities, you’ll want to use your head. Guns blazing can be a possible answer to the vampire problem, but make sure you have the proper equipment, especially if traveling alone. 


Redfall features many characters to choose from;  a biochemical engineering student, an ex-military shooter, a combat engineer, and an aspiring inventor.  

Layla Ellison is a biomedical engineering student. She interned at a research facility when something went wrong, resulting in her having intense telekinetic powers.

Jacob Boyer is a former military sharpshooter who is now a private contractor. Strange events on Redfall have left Jacob with a weird vampiric eye and a spectral raven by his side.

Remi de la Rosa is a talented combat engineer who has spent her entire career on the front lines. She’s committed to assisting Redfall’s survivors with the help of her robot companion, Bribón.

Devinder Crousley is an ambitious inventor and cryptozoologist. He’s on a mission to prove himself, armed with the weaponry he designed himself.


Redfall’s beautiful streets are unmistakable. It was once a bustling center and fairgrounds to the seaside beachfront and beyond. However, things have severely worsened since the vampires took over.

Redfall’s vampires pushed the water away from the island and blacked out the sun. They also transformed the once-peaceful village into their playground.

credits: Bestheda

Does it have multiplayer?

Thanks to info on the official website, we can expect multiplayer and single-player options to blend “seamlessly.” Join forces with up to three other players to go vampire hunting. Players can equip numerous hero load outs, highlighting that the player can choose how they participate in each encounter. Perhaps there will be skill trees or buyable gadgets.

“Redfall is an open-world game, but it can be soloed with any of the heroes. The pace becomes more exploratory; you can use recon and stealth to gather info on encounters and avoid enemies or get the drop on them.”

Harvey Smith

That sums up everything we need to know about Redfall, we’re all excited for the release and are excited to experience the game. If you enjoyed reading feel free to check out our website as we deliver quality and latest gaming content for you to enjoy. 

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