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What is Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker?

What is Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker?

    Last Updated on June 12, 2023

As the sun sets on the era of Shadowbringers, the time has come for adventurers across Eorzea and beyond to set their sights on a new horizon. Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is the highly anticipated expansion to Square Enix’s critically acclaimed second MMORPG to their excellent Final Fantasy franchise. It is poised to take players on a grand odyssey to the farthest reaches of the cosmos.

In this article, we delve into the world of Final Fantasy XIV and explore what Endwalker has in store for both loyal fans of the Final Fantasy franchise and newbies alike.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker: What is it?

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is the fourth expansion pack for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XIV, developed and published by Square Enix. It was released worldwide on December 3, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and for both current-gen and next-gen PlayStation consoles.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Gameplay

Endwalker concludes the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story arc, which began with the release of the original Final Fantasy XIV in 2013. Players take on the role of the Warrior of Light, who must travel to the far reaches of the universe to stop the impending End Days. Along the way, they will encounter new allies and enemies, and learn the truth about the world they inhabit.

The expansion introduces a number of new features, including:

  • A new level cap of 90
  • Two new jobs: Sage and Reaper
  • A new playable race: Viera
  • A new area: The Endwalker
  • New story arcs that span four major trials and a final battle
  • New raid series: Myths of the Realm
  • A new dungeon series: The Heroes’ Gauntlet
  • New relic weapon questline
  • A new Trust system that allows players to complete story dungeons with non-player characters
  • Several quality-of-life improvements, including a new glamour dresser and a new dye system

Let’s talk more about the new features in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker below. Furthermore, we will also share with you the changes that we think are the most notable.

What to Expect in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

The Narrative Arc

Endwalker continues the saga that has unfolded throughout the previous expansions. Henceforth weaving together a complex and emotionally charged narrative. Building upon the events of A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers, this latest installment in the great Final Fantasy series entrant marks the culmination of an epic tale. As the Warrior of Light, players will join forces with a courageous group of adventurers to confront a great threat that looms over the entire world.

Venturing Beyond the Stars

In Endwalker, the boundaries of Eorzea are shattered. Players embark on a journey that takes them not only across the realm but also beyond the stars themselves. The expansion introduces the long-awaited addition of the Moon, offering a whole new realm to explore. Guided by the enigmatic sage Matoya, players will unravel the secrets of this celestial body and face formidable challenges in uncharted territories.

New Jobs and Playable Races

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker New Class Reaper

Endwalker introduces two exciting new jobs, expanding the already diverse roster of combat classes available to players. The “Reaper” brings a dark and stylish scythe-wielding melee DPS class to the game. Whereas the “Sage” takes on the role of a versatile healer armed with powerful magicks. Additionally, players will encounter the enigmatic Arkasodara, a new playable race with their own unique lore and abilities.

Elevated Level Cap and New Areas

With Endwalker, the level cap is raised to 90, granting players access to a wealth of new abilities and skills to master. The expansion introduces breathtaking new areas, such as Thavnair, a tropical paradise brimming with vibrant cultures, and Radz-at-Han, an imperial city-state teeming with political intrigue. From ancient ruins to tall metropolises, these locales promise to be both visually stunning and rife with captivating stories.

Enhanced Gameplay Features

Endwalker brings a host of gameplay enhancements designed to enrich the player experience. The Trust System, which allows players to team up with NPC companions for solo dungeon runs, is now better. It can now include new characters and dungeons. A new Island Sanctuary feature provides a peaceful retreat for players to tend to their own private sanctuary and engage in relaxing activities such as gardening and animal husbandry. The already robust player housing system is also expanded, offering more options for personalization and community engagement.

The Most Noteworthy New Features in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

Here are some of the new features that I think are particularly noteworthy:

  • Reaper and Sage. Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker introduces new character classes: the Reaper and the Sage. Whereas the Reaper is a melee DPS that taps into the void to unleash devastating attacks with a scythe, the Sage is a barrier healer that heals and protects allies by manipulating corporeal aether with nouliths, a flying array of foci.
  • Job changes. The game rebalances the existing jobs, with some receiving significant changes. For example, the Warrior job has had its Fell Cleave ability reworked to be more powerful. Likewise, the White Mage job has had its GCD reduced to make it more mobile.
  • New abilities. The expansion adds many new abilities to the game. While some are class-specific, others are available across all jobs. For example, all jobs now have access to an ability called “Elusive Jump,” which allows them to quickly reposition themselves during combat.
  • New mechanics. The expansion adds many new mechanics to the game, including some that are specific to certain jobs. For example, the Reaper job has a new mechanic called “Death’s Design,” which allows them to deal increased damage to enemies that are affected by a debuff called “Ghastly Wail.”

These are just a few of the changes to the combat and classes in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. For a more complete list of changes, please consult the official patch notes.


With Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, Square Enix has once again crafted an expansion that promises to captivate and inspire fans of the franchise. From its engrossing storyline and beautiful visuals to the wealth of new content and gameplay features, Endwalker beckons both seasoned players and newbies to embark on a grand journey. It is an expansion that celebrates the spirit of the Final Fantasy franchise while pushing the limits of what is possible in the MMORPG genre.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Character

Overall, I would highly recommend Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker to fans of the MMORPG genre. It is a well-made expansion that offers an excellent conclusion to the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story arc. Simultaneously, it introduces a number of new features that will keep players entertained for hours on end. All these further make Final Fantasy XIV a worthwhile MMORPG that everyone must try.

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