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What are High Fantasy Games?

What are High Fantasy Games?

    Last Updated on March 20, 2023

If we talk about games, the conversation leads into it being an escape from reality– to high fantasy games. Yes, that is the truth in all who play video games—they want to take a break. These games have a different vibe to all of them, something we call genre. 

Players have different preferences on what game they choose to take a break in. But let us discuss a sub-genre called High Fantasy. A realm of many possibilities awaits us.

High Fantasy refers to a secondary world outside the real world. An example would be Lord of the Rings, a timeless fantasy classic that inspired high fantasy. This sub-genre offers the player a peek into a different place, living the life of a different person.

It captures the essence of achieving greatness in a world of magic and the absurd. So how do we constitute a high fantasy game? Is there some quirk that sets it apart from other fantasy-based genres? 

The “Epic” Quality of High Fantasy Games

The first thing you want to check for high fantasy is the sheer scale of the game. If the game is grandiose and vast in quality and size, you are in the right game. Games such as the Elder Scrolls and the Dark Souls trilogy are within the scope of a grand scale. 

These things make the player feel like they are truly in a different place, which they should be. High fantasy puts a player at the start of an epic journey toward the end. 

Another thing it must put on the player is the sense of size concerning everything. The things that make up high fantasy easily dwarf the average player in many things. These can be magical beasts, revered deities, supernatural forces, or just big cities. 

Players ought to be daunted by how large everything is, and it should be fun to experience. When their character is pitted against a being 5 times their size, they can feel the game peak.

Another World Entirely

Living a different life in a world different from the real one is the idea of high fantasy. This contrasts with low fantasy where strange things happen in a world like the real one. Things that come to mind for high fantasy include the Warcraft Universe

LOTR also falls into the high fantasy category, for its intricate history steeped in the supernatural. When no semblance of the real world exists, it is surely high fantasy. Nothing is as real as it seems, no matter how mundane it is.

Breath of the Wild presents itself as a high fantasy game. It follows the rules of being in a world, unlike the real world. Laws of nature are different, and the peculiar occurs in all dimensions of the game. 

Floating islands, intricate magic, and sinister and benevolent cosmic forces, are hallmarks of high fantasy. This genre coincides with many similar sub-genres, but the idea is that it takes place in a secondary world, unlike the real world.

Feast your eyes on a world set in impossible circumstances. Where gods and mighty beings rule the land that stretches into the horizon. If you can manage, give high fantasy games a try. It will be a great, fantastical time.

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