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We Need a New Dungeons and Dragons Video Game

We Need a New Dungeons and Dragons Video Game

    Last Updated on March 21, 2023

A Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) video game might be in the mix from the creators of Dark Alliance. It could also become a triple-AAA game built using the Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games.

Video games will be the future of D&D as it transitions from tabletop to the digital realm. However, we’ve seen in the past what a D&D game looks like. It might also be too soon to say, but we feel like it could be as clunky as D&D Online.

Yet, we sorely need a new Dungeons and Dragons video game. It could help bridge the gap between video gamers and tabletop RPG enthusiasts.

What is D&D?

Image of a Dungeons and Dragons Video Game Dark Alliance

Dungeons and Dragons, commonly known as D&D, started as a tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG). It focuses heavily on the fantasy genre but is also flexible enough to dive into other genres.

The first D&D TTRPG came out in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rule, Inc. However, it was Wizards of the Coast that published the game in 1997. It was also D&D that gave rise to the role-playing game industry and even influenced RPG video games.

For a game of D&D to work, you would need a Dungeon Master and around 3-4 players. After that, you would create your character while also writing a story about them. Once you’re done, you get to dive into a world of elves, dwarfs, and, most importantly, dragons.

Why do We Need a Dungeons and Dragons Video Game?

With the release of the D&D movie, the game’s popularity is through the roof. Now, a natural bridge formed between tabletop gamers and RPG video gamers. However, let’s let the numbers do the talking.

In 2020, over 50 million people played the tabletop RPGs. 600 million people worldwide also play old-generation video games like Magic: The Gathering or Dungeons & Dragons. Yet, there are still over 100 video games about Dungeons and Dragons.

So, why isn’t there one with graphics from the latest technology? That’s where Invoke Studios comes in. You might previously know them as Tuque Games, the developers of Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance.

However, the game received mixed reviews as hardcore D&D enthusiasts called it a disgrace to Dungeons and Dragons. The only positive side of the reviews was that the game doesn’t have tons of bugs or glitches.

Yet, we can’t discredit Invoke Studios for trying. After all, how would you create a smooth choices-matter, turn-based, RPG video game? There are tons of factors to consider, and Invoke Studios undoubtedly tried its best. 

You can also add the fact that it’s part of the high-fantasy genre. This genre in particular is hard to establish without a clear story or in-game lore. It’s like trying to fill a pitcher with water but everyone likes different kinds of water.

Once the new Dungeons and Dragons video game is out, we will see how they bridge the gap. Stay tuned to the website for more updates like this one. You can also follow us on social media to receive updates faster about esports and gaming.

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