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Video Game Physics: Its Current State and Can It Be Better?

Video Game Physics: Its Current State and Can It Be Better?

    Last Updated on April 24, 2023

With every passing year, it’s as if the fine line between what’s real and what’s video games is getting thinner and thinner. Nowadays, it isn’t rare to find someone getting completely confused about what is a game and what’s real life. The movement of the characters we play in today’s generation is more realistic than ever as well. Truly, video game physics has come a long way. And as impressive as today’s physics engine may be, there is still arguably plenty of room for improvement.

Video Game Physics: Blurring The Line Of What’s Real

The latest video game releases are beginning to look a lot more like movies than actually pixelated computer programs. In fact, some may even argue that games are now becoming even prettier than high-budget movies themselves! The same applies to video game physics. Long gone are the days of video games strictly walking from left to right. Games can now move freer than ever thanks to the ever-advancing 3D graphics.

For instance, character movement, such as running or walking, no longer looks like animated stick figures. Nowadays, every movement in almost every game is fluid and ultra-realistic. Even the smallest of details, such as a character’s hair or clothing, is given much effort by game developers to preserve realism to the highest degree.

This dedication to making video games more and more realistic also makes establishing a connection with the players themselves more effective. After all, it is much easier to invest in a character that you feel is real. Because of how realistic video game characters now move, we human beings subconsciously see them just like us. We tend to relate to them better and we understand their motivations better. 

All in all, this makes for a better gaming experience as we gamers are more invested in everything we see on our screens. 

Video Game Physics: Can It Improve Even Further?

Video game physics, graphics, and sounds have evolved to the point that you’d think things cannot go any further than what it is now. Well, that’s what you would think looking at the current state of things. However, there is still indeed more room to grow. As realistic as today’s video games are, they could still get a whole lot better. And thinking about that just gets us pumped to the point that it also becomes scary.

Video Game Physics Gets More Real

There are now dozens of physics-based games that take physics simulation to lengths that you wouldn’t necessarily think is possible just a few years back. Such games have successfully ingrained realistic physics that they now are capable of providing brand-new experiences. For instance a new dimension of puzzles where real-life use cases are required. In fact, when someone now sees a game that is so realistic, they’d most likely ask themselves first if it’s a hoax or not. Take the allegedly upcoming single-player FPS Unrecord as an example. We wouldn’t blame you for thinking it’s fake.

Add to that the booming space of virtual reality (VR). In VR, players are effectively put in the game itself. This means that they have to move physically to move the game itself. VR graphics just need to improve further, and you’d find nothing more realistic than that. After all, what can feel more realistic for gamers than actually doing the movement themselves, right?

Newer technologies will inevitably replace the older ones. And with that, video game physics will more than likely improve yet again. Moreover, developers are also now dedicating more effort to making more realistic physics simulations than ever before. Give it a few more years, and maybe video games and real life can figuratively be the same.

The Price To Pay For Extra Realism

With all that said, it is also worth noting that extra realism comes at a price. A steep one to boot. To run ultra-realistic games is to own a high-end machine. Such games practically require the latest model of machines (next-gen consoles or PC with the most powerful GPUs. Improved realism comes with the price of increased computational prowess and complexities, and as a gamer, you should know that such doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, to experience the best the industry has to offer, you better have the cash to enable yourself to do so.

It is just so astounding to look back at how far video game physics has gone. Moreover, the rate of how it is improving year after year is simply outrageous. Nevertheless, you just cannot help but be excited for what’s next. 

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