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Valorant Patch Notes: An Insight into Patch 7.05

Valorant Patch Notes: An Insight into Patch 7.05

    Last Updated on September 11, 2023

Valorant players, get ready for a game-changing update in Patch 7.05! This latest release brings a host of exciting changes set to reshape the competitive arena. From new restrictions targeting rank boosting to significant buffs for agents and the introduction of a fresh map to the competitive rotation, this update has something for everyone. Plus, it doesn’t forget to squash some annoying bugs to ensure a smoother gaming experience. Let’s dive into the details of the latest Valorant patch notes.

Competitive Queue Restrictions

First on the list in the new Valorant patch notes are some much-needed restrictions aimed at tackling the issue of rank boosting, a problem that has been pestering the competitive scene. High-ranking players will now have limits on who they can invite to their teams. Specifically, they can only invite players who have achieved at least a Platinum rank. This change is all about putting an end to bots and boosters causing havoc in the competitive ecosystem, with the goal of creating a more level and fun playing field for everyone.

Astra’s Game-Changing Buff

Now, onto some agent updates. Astra, who hasn’t seen as much action as some other agents in Valorant’s competitive mode, is in for a significant buff. As per the new Valorant patch notes, when Astra enters her Astral Form, she gains the ability to hear everything happening around her. Previously, her audio was muted in this form. It leaves her vulnerable to enemy attacks and hampers her ability to use sound cues effectively. This change has the potential to elevate Astra’s standing among competitive agents, promising a more engaging experience for Astra enthusiasts.

Sunset Joins the Competitive Map Pool

Another exciting development in Valorant Patch 7.05 notes is the inclusion of the Sunset map in the competitive map rotation. Previously, this map was limited to its own queue and modes like Spike Rush and deathmatch. Now, with Sunset entering the competitive pool, we can expect some shifts in the way competitive matches unfold. The proximity of barrier drop locations could make mid control a key strategy. Thus, potentially leading to faster rounds and more dynamic matches.

Bug Fixes Enhance Gameplay

Of course, no update is complete without addressing those pesky bugs. Valorant Patch 7.05 patch notes brings a slew of bug fixes to improve your gaming experience. From fixing issues like the SFX volume going to 100 percent when Alt-Tabbing out of the game to fixing a minor audio problem in Astra’s Cosmic Divide ability, this patch aims to make your gaming sessions smoother and more enjoyable.

Agent-specific bug fixes also take the spotlight. It addresses issues such as Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor mistakenly triggering when Gekko’s Wingman is nearby. Plus, it resolves problems like Agents not animating correctly when moving through Omen’s Dark Cover ability and Cypher’s Trapwire failing to activate on stairs.


The new Valorant 7.05 patch notes is a game-changer, in every sense of the word. It introduces new restrictions to combat rank boosting and significant agent buffs. As well as the introduction of Sunset to the competitive map pool and a myriad of bug fixes. What can you ask for more, right? As you adapt to these changes, get ready for a transformed competitive landscape that promises an even more thrilling and balanced Valorant experience for all players.

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