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Valorant Neptune 2.0: The Anticipated Return of the Ocean-Based Skinline

Valorant Neptune 2.0: The Anticipated Return of the Ocean-Based Skinline

    Last Updated on September 13, 2023

The Valorant gaming community is once again poised at the edge of its seats. Now, players are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Valorant Neptune 2.0 skin collection. Building on the success of the original Neptune line, this revamped collection promises to make waves with its stunning aesthetics and a carefully curated selection of weapons. In this article, we dive deep into the exciting world of Neptune 2.0. We intend to explore the expected release date, the arsenal it offers, and the buzz it’s creating among Valorant enthusiasts.

Expected Release Date for Neptune 2.0 in Valorant

While Riot Games has remained relatively tight-lipped about the official release date of the Neptune 2.0 skin collection, avid Valorant players and the gaming community have been busy speculating. Adding more fuel to the fire, our trusty source of leaks and insights, @ValorLeaks on Twitter, recently dropped hints about its imminent arrival. 

Nevertheless, there is a consensus that Neptune 2.0 skins are expected to hit the in-game store in the upcoming weeks. This is based on the historical release patterns of Valorant’s skin collections. Truly, the suspense surrounding the release date only adds to the excitement. Players are eager more than ever to deck out their favorite weapons with these aquatic-themed beauties.

What Elevated the Original Neptune to Premium-tier Status

The original Neptune collection earned its premium-tier reputation for a compelling reason – a harmonious blend of breathtaking visuals and unique sound effects. As a premium offering, it set a high bar for quality and pricing, and fans were more than willing to meet those expectations. The Neptune 2 collection is expected to uphold this premium status, with rumors swirling that it might come with a price tag of around 7,100 VP (Valorant Points).

Speculation Around the Contents of the Valorant Neptune 2.0 Bundle

While the exact contents of Neptune 2.0 remain undisclosed, the rumor mill is running at full throttle. Players are speculating that this collection may feature fan-favorite weapons, including the Phantom, Odin, and Bulldog. Additionally, it’s rare for Riot Games to release bundles without a melee skin. Moreover, the previous Neptune set included a Shorty skin. This has sparked discussions about the possibility of a sidearm skin making its debut in Neptune 2.0. Thus, adding another layer of excitement.

Other Items Expected In The Valorant Neptune 2.0 Collection

Beyond the allure of weapon skins, players are eagerly anticipating the inclusion of other items in the Neptune 2 collection. While the original Neptune bundle lacked a finisher, it is still a topic of speculation whether the sequel will follow suit or introduce this coveted feature. Alongside this, fans are hoping for the addition of a gunbuddy and a spray to further customize their in-game experience.

Final Thoughts

As the gaming world holds its breath in anticipation, Neptune 2.0 in Valorant promises to make waves in the community. The enchanting blend of visuals and sound, combined with the premium status of the collection, has set the bar high for what’s to come. Stay tuned for official announcements from Riot Games regarding the release date and the contents of Neptune 2.0. The oceanic adventure is about to continue! Indeed, players are ready to plunge into this exciting new chapter of Valorant’s cosmetic offerings.

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