Valorant Lore: The Humble Beginnings

Valorant Lore: The Humble Beginnings
  • PublishedJanuary 14, 2023

The VALORANT Lore started briefly leaving the fans wanting for more. Few details could be found about the lore, especially when the game just started. But after some time, the lore expanded to something interesting.

Where to read VALORANT Lore? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at what exactly is going on in the world of Valorant. Its overarching story and important events timeline-wise start from the beginning to the present time.

Sit back, relax, and read on to see VALORANT lore explained right here in this article. 

The First Light

The Omega Earth from VALORANT Lore
Via VALORANT Cinematic: Duality

The reason why the VALORANT Protocol exists at all. It is because of an event that happened in the world called The First Light. Our real world is the basis of the game, and The First Light happened around the year 2039

This event created an element known as Radianite. When exposed to Raidianite, some people obtained superpowers. Now, you know the story behind the agents we know and love have powers beyond our imaginations. 

But not all Agents have the same amount of powers received. You may notice this in the agents who seem like regular people just like Killjoy. Radianite was too powerful for the world to handle, so some people went overboard with power, while others stayed humble. 

Because of this, two powerful organizations emerged to make the maximum use of Radianite and the superpowered people called Kingdom and the VALORANT Protocol.

Kingdom and VALORANT Protocol

The Kingdom Corporation is a power company that sprung up shortly after The First Light phenomenon. As time went on, Kingdom found ways to use Radianite to their advantage to supply the world with power. 

In addition, Kingdom also used Radianite to produce superpowered weapons, gadgets, and all sorts of tech-related stuff. As they grew afraid of rogue superpowered agents, they created a secret sub-organization called the VALORANT Protocol, with Brimstone and Viper as its leaders.

There are a lot of people that hold a grudge against Kingdom Co., and the VALORANT Protocol sought them out. They kept rogue agents at bay, but sometimes they recruited them to their cause.


Image of Duality from the VALORANT Lore Cinematic
Via VALORANT Cinematic: Duality

One day after the rise of Ascent, the agents are on another mission to resolve an issue in the Bind map. The spike was planted, and nobody wanted another Venice incident wherein a massive explosion happened. 

Killjoy was defusing the spike, while Phoenix saw the enemy. Chasing the enemy, Phoenix did not expect that the enemy he was chasing was a replica of himself. 

The Spike’s purpose is to steal Radianite. This also means that the attacking side are the mirror agents. Whereas the defending side are the original agents. Mirror Agents have depleted the Radianite resources of their world, and they are looking to steal it from the original world with the spike. 

This lore reveal shored up the story behind why both teams can play the same agent in the same game. It also brought up an interesting reason why planting and defusing the spike is essential for both sides.

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