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Valheim: Minecraft with Vikings

Valheim: Minecraft with Vikings

    Last Updated on March 14, 2023

Valheim is in the adventure RPG genre but may come off as a survival simulator. After all, you’re a Viking who must survive in a world of trolls, dragons, and even elder gods. Some players also go as far as to dub it “Minecraft with extra extreme steps.”

However, there’s more to the game than meets the eye. Undoubtedly, you can build a base, face starvation, and fight mobs of monsters each night — like Minecraft. Yet, if you look past that, you can see that it introduces a world of mystery.

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What is Valheim?

Image of a House in Valheim

Valheim is officially in the Indie Adventure RPG genre, developed by Iron Gate Studios. Coffee Stain Studios later published the game as Early-Access on Steam. However, the most significant fact is only five people developed the game as a Sandbox Survival.

It’s also worth noting that, although it’s Early-Access, the commercial success and popularity of the game spiked through the roof. After all, it sold over five million copies after one month of release.

Even more, it also uses a unique low-resolution 3D graphics style that captures the hearts of gamers. You can also include the ten-man co-op play as the cherry on top of a Sandbox Survival game.

You play as a Viking who lost their lives in combat. However, before you reach the halls of Valhalla, you must prove your worth. So, you reincarnate in Valheim and must defeat the evils that stalk the land.

After all, the term Valheim comes from the tenth world connected to Yggdrasil– the World Tree. The game arms you with nothing but help from a Raven, who occasionally gives you hints. Prepare yourself, warrior, for you must fight against the enemies of the Allfather— Odin himself.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Image of Valheim Gameplay

You start the game spawning as a fallen Viking with a third-person perspective. Then a Raven also tasks you with slaying the evil in Valheim before reaching the halls of Valhalla. However, you spawn with nothing but the clothes on your back.

As the player, it becomes your task to craft tools and weapons to fend off the terrors of the night. You can also build bases to secure your safety against the hordes of monsters. After all, a warrior must have a bed, right?

Once you craft the necessary tools, you must also look for natural resources. You have to forage, hunt, mine, and farm for these materials to survive the cold reality of the afterlife.

What also makes the game interesting is the Stamina Bar and Food mechanic. Dodging, running, and fighting uses up your stamina. However, you can increase the capacity of your stamina and HP bar with food.

The main selling point of the game is the Skill-Level system. Did you know you can level up your Jump Skill just by jumping around Valheim? You can also increase the level of those skills to 100, allowing unique gameplay.

Lastly, the challenge of the game includes defeating six bosses scattered throughout the map. Each map has different biomes, which require more tools to access. However, we do recommend sailing to the edge of the map for a unique experience.

You Must Play Valheim

The game might take some inspiration from both Skyrim and Minecraft, but it’s unique. Overall, Valheim is a must-play not only for the gameplay. Don’t forget that you can become a Viking and face off against large Elder Evils that stalk the land.

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