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Upcoming City-Building Games to Look Forward To

Upcoming City-Building Games to Look Forward To

    Last Updated on January 4, 2023

City-Building Games are a sight to behold especially for those who enjoy this niche of a genre. In certain ways, these types of games challenge your organizational and analytical skills to their fullest. 

Although onlookers think that City-Builder games are meant for relaxation, they certainly push you and your brain to their limits. But hey, that is what makes things fun. Breaking through the challenges set upon by city-building games feels nothing short of an accomplishment.

The future is bright for us fans as multiple titles are coming this year. City-building games for pc are coming your way, and there will be no shortage of them.  

To the fans of the genre, this article is focused on giving you a list of the best city-building games that are yet to come. 

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Game Image of Laysara: Summit Kingdom

In Laysara: Summit Kingdom, for example, you are trying to help a group of people who are forced out of the more flatlands of the area and onto a summit.

As such, you will have to learn to build up your new kingdom by working around the mountain itself to build up your towns.

Each mountain has its plusses and minuses, and if you can adapt to them and work them well, you’ll be able to live happily. Until the next disaster comes that is.

Pharoah: A New Era

Game Images of Pharoah: A New Era

The game is set in a key time in Egyptian history, and it will be by your guiding hand whether things go well for the nation on the sands or not. Build your sprawling kingdom and ensure that it expands deeper into the deserts. 

Build mighty monuments to yourself and the gods, all the while completing various story missions and challenges. Make it to the history books and be the greatest Pharoah the lands of Egypt have ever seen. 

Frostpunk 2

Frostpunk 2 Poster Art 

The sequel to the city-builder survival series, Frostpunk, is now in the works by 11 Bit Studios. While the sequel looks to stay true to the series, there will be additions to spice up life in the tundra. The first Frostpunk game was a revelation in many ways in how it changed how you perceived the basic city-building game.

Now, Frostpunk 2 looks to build on that in various ways, while also maintaining its core dynamic. You will still be in a frozen world, and you will be in charge of a city that is trying to manage the little heat source that the place is built. But, various factions are trying to vie for power as you attempt to grow and expand.


Gord Key Art Image

Inspired by Slavic folklore, in Gord, you will take the role of leader in a group of people known as the Tribe of the Dawn. Led by your guiding hand, you are going to not just make their homes, but you will have the ability to shape who they are at their core. 

The actions you undertake in quests will affect your tribesmen in big and small ways. Such as their physical and mental well-being, and how well they get along with one another in the community itself.

Your actions will determine survival on many levels in Gord, so be ready to handle things the best you can.

That wraps up the upcoming City-Building Games that the fans, and myself, are waiting for. Do you like more articles like this? Let us know by checking out our other articles here on our website. 

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