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Unraveling the Art of DPS in Genshin Impact: The Ultimate DPS Tier List

Unraveling the Art of DPS in Genshin Impact: The Ultimate DPS Tier List

    Last Updated on September 15, 2023

Welcome, Travelers! Within the enchanting world of Teyvat, Genshin Impact has established itself as a gaming phenomenon, captivating players worldwide with its stunning visuals, immersive open-world design, and a diverse array of characters. Yet, in this mesmerizing realm, the path to mastery lies in understanding the art of combat. But, more importantly, assembling the ideal team. This is where the Genshin Impact best DPS Tier List becomes invaluable. 

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or a newbie to Teyvat, join us on an epic journey through this comprehensive guide to the world of DPS characters. Together, we’ll explore the definitive rankings of DPS characters, enabling you to construct the dream team you’ve always envisioned.

DPS in Genshin Impact: The Essence of Combat Mastery

Before we embark on our expedition through the tiers of DPS excellence, let’s delve deeper into the very essence of DPS within Genshin Impact. DPS, short for Damage Per Second, is the definite metric that measures a character’s ability to inflict damage over a set period. It’s not merely about landing powerful blows; it’s about doing so consistently and efficiently. Your choice of DPS character profoundly influences your ability to vanquish enemies, conquer domains, and emerge victorious in challenging battles.

SS Tier: The Apex Predators of Damage

Genshin Impact DPS Tier List SS

At the zenith of our DPS tier list are the apex predators of damage dealing—the SS tier characters. These extraordinary individuals redefine the meaning of raw power and damage output. All of them wield abilities that leave foes trembling in their wake.

  • Ayaka. Hailing from the Kamisato House, Ayaka stands as a paragon of Cryo-infused devastation. Her elemental mastery is a sight to behold, enhancing her normal attacks and increasing her overall attack damage after her Elemental Skill. For players seeking icy elegance and overwhelming damage, Ayaka is a paragon of excellence.
  • Hu Tao. The eccentric director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, Hu Tao, wields the power of Pyro like no other. Her Elemental Skill unleashes massive Pyro damage, but what truly sets her apart is her willingness to sacrifice her own HP to bolster her damage output. Hu Tao is a daring choice for those who relish high-risk, high-reward gameplay.
  • Raiden Shogun. As the Electro Archon herself, the Raiden Shogun commands unfathomable Electro power. Her prowess extends not only to her own damage-dealing capabilities but also to her remarkable ability to enhance her entire team’s Elemental Burst DMG. She stands as a formidable force in the world of DPS.
  • Alhaitham. Alhaitham’s uniqueness lies in his ability to infuse Normal Attacks with Dendro, setting him apart as an intriguing candidate for the ‘Genshin Impact best DPS’ title. While his name might not be as widely recognized, his potential for inflicting damage is undeniable.

S Tier: The Powerhouses of Damage

Genshin Impact DPS Tier List S

The S tier Genshin Impact DPS character are the stalwarts of the DPS world—powerful, versatile, and a force to be reckoned with. While they might not occupy the absolute pinnacle of damage output, they remain far from ordinary.

  • Tartaglia. This character’s ability to switch between a bow and dual blades is a testament to his versatility. His kit allows for both ranged and melee combat, making him an excellent choice for players who crave adaptability in their DPS characters.
  • Nahida. As the best Dendro Core enabler, Nahida’s utility extends far beyond raw damage output. She unlocks unique synergies within your team, making her a valuable asset in any lineup.
  • Ayato, Ganyu, Lyney, Itto, and Tighnari. Each of these characters brings a distinctive set of abilities to the table, making them formidable DPS contenders in their own right. Whether it’s Ayato’s agile swordplay, Ganyu’s precise aim, Lyney’s explosive attacks, Itto’s raw strength, or Tighnari’s unyielding spirit, the S tier DPS characters offer a diverse array of playstyles to cater to various preferences.

A Tier: The Steadfast and Versatile

Genshin Impact DPS Tier List A

The A tier Genshin Impact DPS characters are the steady and versatile choices for any team. While they may not boast the same explosive damage output as higher-tier characters, they bring consistency and reliability to the battlefield.

  • Cyno. With near-permanent burst uptime, Cyno ensures sustained DPS that can consistently contribute to your team’s overall damage output.
  • Wanderer. This character’s ability to float mid-air grants excellent evasion tactics, a quality highly valued in the heat of battle.
  • Yoimiya. Infusing her normal attacks with Pyro, Yoimiya excels in delivering consistent damage output, particularly against enemies vulnerable to Pyro damage.
  • Keqing, Xiao, Eula, and Yelan. Each of these characters boasts unique abilities and AoE (Area of Effect) damage potential, making them reliable choices for DPS characters who can handle a variety of situations.

B Tier: Dependable DPS Alternatives

Genshin Impact DPS Tier List B

The B tier Genshin Impact DPS characters are home to those who shine brilliantly with the right strategy and team composition. While they may require a bit more planning and strategic play, they can hold their own in the DPS department.

  • Yanfei. The Pyro-attuned Yanfei specializes in rapid Pyro attacks and boasts a unique charged attack mechanic that rewards precise timing.
  • Heizou. Adept at manipulating Geo constructs, Heizou can create powerful shields and deploy Geo constructs to support the team while dealing consistent damage.
  • Klee. Known for her explosive Pyro attacks, Klee can obliterate foes with her devastating Elemental Burst and Skill abilities.
  • Diluc. The Pyro powerhouse, Diluc, wields a Claymore with incredible skill, delivering high single-target damage with his fiery slashes and explosive bursts.
  • Kaveh. As a powerful Geo user, Kaveh brings versatility and survivability to the team. He utilizes Geo constructs and shields to withstand enemy assaults while contributing to damage output.
  • Ningguang. The Geo sorceress combines elemental attacks with her Geo constructs to create a versatile and deadly arsenal. Thus, making her a valuable asset for sustained DPS.
  • Noelle. With her unique kit centered around Geo abilities, Noelle can provide both healing and DPS support while sporting a claymore for melee combat.
  • Kokomi. This Hydro character excels in crowd control and healing, making her an excellent choice for those seeking a DPS character with support capabilities.
  • Nilou. As a Geo character, Nilou can manipulate the battlefield by creating shields and control constructs, providing utility while contributing to damage output.

C Tier: Unconventional DPS Potentials

Genshin Impact DPS Tier List C

The C tier characters may not be the first choice for those seeking the ‘Genshin Impact best DPS,’ but with the right team setup and strategy, they can surprise you with their potential.

  • Freminet. This Hydro character offers a unique playstyle with a mix of ranged and melee abilities, providing both crowd control and damage-dealing capabilities.
  • Razor. Adept at delivering rapid Electro attacks, Razor’s kit revolves around his Elemental Burst, which transforms him into a formidable melee combatant.
  • Fischl. As a versatile Electro character, Fischl can summon Oz, her raven companion, to deliver consistent Electro damage while supporting the team.
  • Kaeya. The Cryo swordmaster may not be the first choice for DPS. However, with the right setup and team composition, he can freeze enemies and provide consistent Cryo damage.

D Tier: Challenging DPS Options

Genshin Impact DPS Tier List D

Finally, we arrive at the D tier, where characters may seem challenging to use as main DPS. However, with a thorough understanding of their skills and the right strategy, they can still prove to be valuable assets.

  • Dehya. This Hydro character offers a unique playstyle with a focus on crowd control and area denial. This makes her a niche choice for those seeking unconventional DPS strategies.
  • Rosaria. While primarily a Cryo support character, Rosaria can provide moderate DPS when built and geared appropriately.
  • Xinyan. As a Pyro character with a penchant for rocking out, Xinyan combines music and combat to deliver both Pyro damage and support capabilities.
  • Barbara. While typically known for her healing abilities, Barbara can still contribute to DPS with her Hydro-infused attacks.
  • Beidou. As an Electro character, Beidou wields a Claymore and boasts an Elemental Burst that can deal substantial AoE Electro damage when timed correctly.
  • Yun Jin. With her unique music-themed abilities, Yun Jin can provide both healing and moderate DPS support to the team.
  • Chongyun. The Cryo user’s Elemental Skill can convert basic attacks into Cryo damage. Thus, offering a unique DPS approach for those willing to explore it.
  • Aloy. While Aloy primarily specializes in ranged combat, her Cryo abilities can be leveraged for additional crowd control and damage output.

Conclusion: Forging Your Ultimate Team

As our epic journey through the Genshin Impact best DPS Tier List draws to a close, remember that your team’s composition, synergy, and your personal playstyle also play pivotal roles in your success within Teyvat. The tier list serves as your guide to selecting characters with the highest damage potential. However, the adventure is yours to shape still. 

With this newfound knowledge, you are well-equipped to assemble the ultimate dream team. A composition capable of conquering the many challenges that await in this mesmerizing world. May your adventures be filled with thrilling battles and triumphant victories. Enjoy the satisfaction of unleashing the power of the ‘Genshin Impact best DPS characters!

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