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Underpowered Heroes in Dota 2 Lore

Underpowered Heroes in Dota 2 Lore

    Last Updated on January 25, 2023

The Dota 2 in-universe lore is an interesting setpiece of characters and locations. As with any lore piece, the power scaling of characters is something fans take note of. While people often go to debate who is the most powerful and unwieldy of the characters, there is also good debate on who is the weakest. 

For a game like Dota 2, the lore was made after the characters. This means that lore strength doesn’t equate to in-game strength. For that purpose, one will be surprised which heroes are weak in the grand scheme of Dota lore.


While terrorizing games with a simple kit, Bristleback doesn’t hold a candle to more powerful characters in lore. As a bar enforcer, he collects payments and keeps the peace, until he met his match. A character of prominent tusks hailing from the north gave him the fight of his life, and it was not even close. The tab was unpaid, and Bristleback had to pay it with his cheque after he woke up from the beating.

He promised to track down the northerner and started to train for the first time in his life. It was then he discovered an interesting discovery. It would do him well to turn his back in a fight over facing forward and fighting head-on.


A terror in the trees, capable of taking down a hero from 100 to 0, Hoodwink is a mere forest dweller fighting for it. Her lore speaks of the Krimwohl Kingdom, whose expansion brought fire and destruction to the forest she lived in. To survive, she escaped to the misty Wood Tomo’kan and lived there until her coming of age. While living there, she learned to be clever and mischievous and to be elusive, and opportunistic.

When she returned to Krimwohl one day, she found out that the destroyers of her home were mere people. Compared to the Tomo’kan, however, they posed no threat to Hoodwink. From there, she would help those who wish to return to the green, while terrorizing those who wish to destroy it.


Image of Tusk

While being one of the most prolific midlaners of the current meta, his lore barely outshines Bristleback’s. A native of the north who had a knack for brawling, he was always ready for a fight. Being the only one who bested the bristled bruiser in a fair fight, his reputation spread far and wind. In the Wolfsden Tavern, he found himself standing above regulars, soldiers, and even a blacksmith. His brew was full, and his night was excellent.

While he enjoyed his brew, his opponents were stirring, and once more the barkeep was afraid of the carnage that would ensue. He then offered Tusk a challenge: to find the biggest fight he can, survive, and win. Of course, it came with a price, and it was the next round of drinks.


Dota 2 Sniper

The infamous carry that can fight from distance, he is a Sniper. He is from a race called the Keenfolk. Their specialty in Dota lore is that they are adept in science and technology. Much like other keen folks, Sniper is only as strong as he is good with his rifle. His home lived off steepstalkers that lived above their village. Shooting them from distance and collecting their corpses were their primary source of food. 

When it was time for his test, he effectively exiled himself. To shoot a shot that was the start of an ominous prophecy. For his skill, he must now depart from his home and attain legendary status in battle. Until he achieves this, he cannot return home.

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