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Top 6 Best Warzone 2.0 Guns

Top 6 Best Warzone 2.0 Guns

    Last Updated on January 9, 2023

Warzone 2 offers an all-new, immense experience out of all of Call of Duty’s Battle Royale games. It gives players a whopping armory with a huge variety of weapons to choose from. But what are the top guns used from its impressive armory of several dozen high-powered rifles and guns in the season 1 meta? We’ve got you covered. Here are the best guns to use in Warzone 2. However, the best weapon depends entirely on the situation and the distance of the battle.

Gun list

  1. STB 556
  2. Victus XMR
  3. Kastov-74U
  4. Armaguerra 43
  5. Raal MG
  6. Lachman Sub


This weapon combines an assault rifle’s extraordinary over-range effectiveness with the best time-to-kill in its class. The STB-556 can be used successfully at ranges typically reserved for marksman and sniper rifles because it virtually has no recoil when equipped with the proper attachments.

Image of STB 556 Warzone Gun
Via Warzone 2.0

Victus XMR

In Warzone 2, the Victus XMR Sniper Rifle has the best damage status of any Sniper Rifle. Even more, with a little over 275-damage headshot, it gives you the best chance of taking out even a fully armored enemy in a single shot.

Image of Victus XMR
Via Warzone 2.0


In essence, the Kastov-74U is a Kasatov 762 that has been fitted into an SMG chassis. It combines the 762’s top-tier stopping power with the VEL 46’s ADS and movement rates. It’s not the best option when facing an opponent 60 meters or more away, but with the right attachments, you can successfully reduce the Kastov-74U’s high recoil, and at closer ranges, it can tear apart defenses.

Image of Kastov-74U
Via Warzone 2.0

Armaguerra 43 

When used properly and combined with the best Armaguerra 43 loadout, the Armaguerra 43 is a lethal SMG. We can use the SMG’s high rate of fire stats to blast enemies away at close range by reducing the recoil on this weapon. The design of this loadout is for 1v1 battles. With this gun, you are always the last player standing.

Image of Armaguerra 43
Via Warzone 2.0

Raal MG

The Raal MG, which deals 50 chest damage with a single shot, is the most effective LMG available in Warzone 2. Hard-hitting weapons have historically performed well in Warzone, and while the Raal MG has some drawbacks (primarily its weight and slow handling speeds), its excellent accuracy and iron sights allow you to fully utilize its extreme stopping power.

Warzone Gun Raal MG
Via Warzone 2.0

Lachman Sub

When properly equipped, the Lachmann Sub has a highly competitive time-to-kill and strikes a good balance between speed, power, and accuracy. In any Warzone 2 game, the Lachmann Sub (or MP5) is a brilliant SMG that will increase your chances of surviving in confined spaces and indoor settings.

Warzone Gun Lachman Sub
Via Warzone 2.0

That about covers the best guns in Warzone 2, season 1. This serves as a reminder that no matter which gun you use, it will always come down to being better at gameplay. Unless you’re cheating (we hope not), in any meta, every gun is viable, and with the right loadout, you’ll be dominating every lobby. 

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