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Top 5 Best Final Fantasy Minions in FFXIV

Top 5 Best Final Fantasy Minions in FFXIV

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series is famous for having several adorable and honest-to-god cute creatures. While most mainline FF games do not allow you to tame or at least take said creatures with you, Final Fantasy XIV changes the narrative. You can have your favorite FF creatures serve as your minions in FFXIV. Believe us, that is a game-changer right there! Being an MMO, you’d have the chance to take several minions in your journey with varying shapes, sizes, and even power. And as much as we want to take them all with us, it is just not possible. With that said, here are the top 5 best final fantasy minions you can take in FFXIV.

Best Final Fantasy Minions in Final Fantasy XIV


Best Final Fantasy Minions Palico

Thanks to the game’s collaboration with the Monster Hunter franchise, Palicos are now found in FFXIV’s world as well! These loyal feline combat companions are just as useful here as they are on their own gaming franchise. In fact, Palicos fit perfectly well within FF’s themes and style, you wouldn’t necessarily think they came from a different game series! These creatures are just extremely cool with their adventuring gear and goggles paired with a cute but useful shovel.

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You can have Palicos serve as minions in the game after completing “The New King on the Block” quest in the “FFXIV + Monster Hunter: World Collaboration” storyline.


Best Final Fantasy Minions Seitei

The Seitei is your typical Chinese-style dragon that is almost always present in any fantasy game. And just as always, it is among the most sought-after creatures in this game as well. The Seitei is a blue and gold serpentine creature with an oversized head. It looks super cute while still looking menacing (I guess).

Having this creature accompany you is pretty much telling other players online that you are a veteran of the game. A Seitei by your side both makes you approachable and intimidating, which is definitely rare.

You can get a Seitei minion by crafting a level 70 4-star Weaver recipe (level 380) using Seiryu’s Scale as the main ingredient. Note: Seiryu’s Scale drops from defeating The Wreath of Snakes (Extreme).


Best Final Fantasy Minions Meerkat

FFXIV Meerkats are just as cute as their real-life counterparts. It runs on its four legs and adorably stands up when it stops running. As mundane as it sounds, only a few minions in this game do that.

Although Meerkats do not look as cool as the other best final fantasy minions on our list, having one by your side is just so endearing. Your character will be 10x more approachable with this creature by your side!

That said, getting a Meerkat can cost you quite a sum. This minion can be purchased from the Market Board for over a million gil to 100,000. This makes Meerkats one of the most accessible yet sought-after minions in the whole game.

Conditional Virtue

Best Final Fantasy Minions Conditional Virtue

Okay, this minion may not look cute at all, but it is definitely among the best final fantasy minions you can get! The Conditional Virtue is a miniature version of an FFXIV boss, particularly the Baldesion Arsenal, making it perhaps the most imposing minion in the whole game.

It features several details and is intricately designed. In fact, its wings change in color! Furthermore, it can also interact with some of your character’s emotes.

Being the best definitely pays a price. Obtaining Conditional Virtue requires much organization and farming. If you really want to have this minion, you better be prepared to sacrifice months of your life. Perhaps even more.

Odder Otter

Best Final Fantasy Minions Odder Otter

If you want everything simple, and you just want a minion that is extremely cute, look no further than the Odder Otter. This is by far the cutest creature in the game, and we are prepared to fight for that opinion! This creature can enthrall you with just one look (we definitely did).

The Odder Otter captured the hearts of millions of FFXIV players with its adorable leaf hat and ultra-cute lantern. Better yet, it has several funny animations that can undoubtedly melt your heart. 

This popular minion can be bought from the Market Board for an affordable sum. Alternatively, you can also get the Odder Otter by completing the retainer’s ventures.

For its cuteness alone, we believe the Odder Otter is among the best final fantasy minions. We can even go as far as branding it as the undisputed best, to be honest. We are just so in love with it.

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