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Top 5 Best Division 2 Mods for Weapons (Updated)

Top 5 Best Division 2 Mods for Weapons (Updated)

    Last Updated on May 31, 2023

Mods in The Division 2 are items you can attach to your weapons, which can help improve their stats. You can also find them anywhere from enemies to chests, or even finishing missions. Even more, you can also obtain them by purchasing from vendors.

You will also find that there are different types of mods available, each with its own unique buffs or debuffs. Some Division 2 mods can also improve the accuracy or stability of a weapon. However, there are also some weapon mods that you may find useful in certain scenarios.

Although there might be weapons with unique Talents, having a few weapon modifications can still help. You can also create unique Division 2 mod combos that can easily pair up with your gameplay.

After all, the developers made quite an effort to make sure you can tailor-suit your gameplay experience. In any case, here are the top ten modes you can use for your weapons in The Division 2:

T2 Micro Red Dot Sight

Division 2 Mods T2 Micro Red Dot Sight

One of the most popular Division 2 mods is the T2 Micro Red Dot Sight. After all, in most shooter titles, everyone wants accuracy more than damage. You also can’t deal tons of damage if you miss your shots.

With the T2 Micro Red Dot Sight, you can get a +20% Accuracy buff. After all, you need some much-needed accuracy to start landing some hits. The mod is also compatible with most Assault Rifles and weapons in the game. 

Out of all the Division 2 mods, this one is the most reliable. However, it does make you wonder why you shouldn’t choose other mods. After all, there might be others like the Streamlined Iron Sights which gives you a bonus +10% Reload Speed.

In the end, it’s all up to you on how you want to customize your gameplay experience.

Segmented 9mm Mag

Division 2 Modifications Segmented 9mm Mag

Next on our list is the Segmented 9mm Mag mod in The Division 2. If you’re a fan of Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs), then you’ll also need to get this mod. After all, the design of the magazine is specifically for SMGs.

Although it’s specifically for SMGs, it does help you out when you’re in trouble. The weapon magazine mod gives you a +20% Reload Speed. It’s an important Division 2 mod for SMG users, especially if you play solo.

Yet, the same can also be said for Shotgun or Assault Rifle users. Anything with a buff for Reload Speed could make quite an impact on your gameplay experience.

Loud Vent Break 5.56

Loud Vent Break 5.56 Weapon Modifications

Another wonderful Division 2 mod is the Loud Vent Break 5.56. It’s mainly for Assault Rifle lovers, but for a good reason. After all, you won’t find a much better deal than this Division 2 mod.

This mod gives you a +10% Optimal Range, allowing you to shoot farther to hit your enemies. It’s one of the optimal Division 2 mods that you can use because it can give you an edge when playing solo. You will find yourself hitting opponents from much farther away, outside of their range. It also helps you when you need to retreat while shooting.

Vertical Grip

Weapon Modifications Vertical Grip

Although many would opt for the Compact Coupled Small Laser Pointer, the Vertical Grip is just as reliable. The Laser Pointer would give you a +10% Critical Hit Chance and would also fit on most weapons. However, the Vertical Grip brings us back to one of the best Division 2 mods.

This mod reminds us again that, without Accuracy, you would miss out on tons of damage. The Vertical Grip gives you +10% Accuracy. It’s one of the best fits for almost all weapons in The Division 2.

Precision 7.62 Mag

Precision 7.62 Mag Weapon Modification

For those who want to be proficient marksmen, you can try picking up the Precision 7.62 Mag. It’s one of the most useful Division 2 mods when building Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Chance builds. After all, the game does have a damage multiplier for headshots.

The Precision 7.62 Mag gives you +7% Headshot Damage, which can be useful when playing in squads. If you’re a fan of playing as an overwatch, you would want to get this Division 2 mod. Pair it up with the VX1 Scope (12x) for a +35% Headshot Damage buff, and you’re good to go.

Special Division 2 Mod Mention: Pistol Flashlight

Pistol Flashlight Weapon Modification

Alright, this one might be a bit of a troll. However, there is no mistake that The Division 2 has one of the best graphics and visuals in its generation. So, you might find that nighttime can be too dark to play in. You might also find that dark rooms really are, well, dark.

Luckily for you, there is the perfect Division 2 mod for this specific problem. Introducing the Pistol Flashlight sidearm modification. It doesn’t give you any stat bonuses aside from being able to actually see in the dark. You might laugh at this now, but once you’ll realize it once you start playing.

How to Apply Division 2 Mods to Your Weapon

Applying Division 2 Mods can seem confusing at first. After all, you’ll be too bothered by the number of weapons in your inventory. Yet, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to speed-mod your weapons while in combat. Here are the steps to add Division 2 mods on your weapons:

  1. Open your inventory.
  2. Select a weapon to add weapon mods.
  3. Select the Mod button.
  4. Either select the specific parts of the weapon or select View All Weapon Mods.

You can then start applying your Division 2 mods onto your weapon. However, do bear in mind that the game wants you to customize your gameplay experience. Although we presented the top five best Division 2 mods, you can choose whichever you like.

Mods can be a great way to improve your gameplay experience in The Division 2. Check out this article about the Best Skills Build in The Division 2. After all, you can always solo the game and still come out on top.

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