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Top 5 Best Classes in Final Fantasy 14

Top 5 Best Classes in Final Fantasy 14

    Last Updated on July 3, 2023

Final Fantasy 14, Square Enix’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), features a vast selection of character classes, each with its distinct skills, playstyles, and roles. As players navigate the vibrant world of Eorzea, choosing the right character class becomes a crucial decision. In this article, we aim to take a closer look at the top five character classes in Final Fantasy 14. Take note that we will be considering their popularity, versatility, and overall impact within the game’s ecosystem in making this list. Without further ado, here is our top 5 pick for the best character classes in Final Fantasy 14 in no particular order.

Paladin (Tank)


At the very center of defensive excellence, the Paladin class shines as the epitome of resilience and protection. Clad in heavy armor and wielding a sword and shield, Paladins possess unparalleled defensive prowess. They excel at mitigating damage, drawing enemy attacks, and protecting their party members. Paladins combine potent self-healing skills with a versatile toolkit, allowing them to perform admirably in both damage dealing and support roles. Their ability to maintain threats, survive heavy hits, and provide reliable support makes them an excellent choice for tanking.

Paladins have access to a variety of defensive cooldowns, allowing them to mitigate damage during critical moments. Their healing spells, such as Clemency, enable them to sustain themselves and their allies in dire situations. Additionally, their utility skills, like Cover and Divine Veil, provide valuable support to mitigate party-wide damage. Paladins truly embody the noble protectors of the battlefield.

White Mage (Healer)

Conjurer/White Mage

As the iconic healer class of Final Fantasy 14, the White Mage stands at the top of any support class, thanks to its very powerful healing magic. With their mastery over potent healing spells and abilities, White Mages play a vital role in making sure the party survives any encounter. They possess a long list of single-target and AOE heals, allowing them to respond adeptly to various combat situations.

White Mages excel at burst healing, rapidly mending injured allies with spells like Cure and Benediction. Their skills to cleanse debuffs, raise fallen allies with Raise, and provide party-wide healing with spells like Medica and Medica II make them indispensable in group content. Additionally, White Mages can augment their healing potency with abilities like Divine Benison, which shields a target from incoming damage.

Black Mage (DPS)

Thaumaturge/Black Mage

Harnessing the destructive forces of arcane magic, the Black Mage class specializes in dealing immense magical damage from a distance. Masters of elemental spells, Black Mages unleash powerful attacks that can take down foes in an instant. Their arsenal of spells includes destructive abilities like Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, and more. Moreover, they can also be enhanced through skillful management of their unique MP (Mana Points) system.

Black Mages focus on maximizing their damage output through the use of precise spell rotations. They employ abilities such as Astral Fire and Umbral Ice to manipulate their MP and enhance their spellcasting potential. By entering Astral Fire, they increase their Fire spells’ potency, while Umbral Ice restores MP, allowing for sustained spellcasting. The class rewards players who can maintain a delicate balance between offense and resource management.

Bard (DPS/Support)

Best Final Fantasy XIV Class Bard

Combining ranged physical damage with awesome support skills, the Bard class provides a unique playstyle in Final Fantasy 14 that many definitely enjoy. Armed with a bow, Bards rain down a barrage of arrows upon their enemies, dealing constant and significant damage from a distance. However, what sets Bards apart is their remarkable support skills through the power of music.

Bards possess songs that enhance the capabilities of their allies. These songs can increase overall damage output, restore MP and TP (Tactical Points) provide healing support, or even remove detrimental debuffs. The Bard’s ability to empower their party members makes them highly valued in raid and dungeon scenarios. This versatile class shines as both a reliable damage dealer and a supportive pillar for the group.

Samurai (DPS)


Embodying precision and elegance in combat, the Samurai class draws inspiration from traditional Japanese swordsmanship. Wielding a deadly katana, Samurai warriors strike with swift and powerful blows, putting their energy into various powerful attacks. With a focus on high burst damage, Samurai can execute complex combos that deliver devastating strikes, overwhelming their enemies.

Playing the Samurai class centers around building and spending “Sen” and “Kenki” resources to unleash powerful skills. Through the use of their Sen skills, Samurai can acquire three different “Sen” types, which can be used to perform even more potent attacks. Additionally, Samurai possess a range of utility skills. This includes self-healing abilities like Hissatsu: Senei and group-wide support with skills like Hissatsu: Seigan. These abilities contribute to the class’s dynamic playstyle and impressive damage output.

Final Thoughts

In the captivating world of Final Fantasy 14, the choice of character class significantly influences the gameplay experience. While personal preference ultimately determines the class a player selects, considering factors such as popularity, versatility, and overall impact is essential. The Paladin, White Mage, Black Mage, Bard, and Samurai rank among the top character classes in Final Fantasy 14. Each of them offers unique gameplay styles and invaluable contributions to party dynamics. Whether you favor the unyielding defense of a Paladin, the restorative prowess of a White Mage, or the devastating magical power of a Black Mage, Final Fantasy 14 offers a class to suit every player’s taste and playstyle. Choose your path wisely and embark on unforgettable adventures in the realm of Eorzea.

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