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Top 3 Games to Play during the Holiday Season

Top 3 Games to Play during the Holiday Season

    Last Updated on December 12, 2022

Merry Christmas, everyone! Yes, I know it’s a little early, but time flies so fast, and before you know it, Video Games for Christmas come knocking down your door. As gamers, what better way to spend the holiday season than trying the best video games out there that are perfect for the holidays? 

In this article, I will give you the top 3 Holiday themed video games you can play during this season of giving. If you are a student, you will be drooling during this Christmas break, having the time of your life free from school. However, to our gamer dads out there, worry not. We are sure that you can find some time to play these games. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the top 3 games you can play during the holiday season.

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

It’s your friendly neighborhood superhero, Spider-Man making the first entry on this list. The latest entry to the beloved franchise saw the shift of the main character from Peter Parker to Miles Morales. 

It is an open-world action-adventure game that lets you play as Spider-Man. Expect fantastic action and a mind-blowing adrenaline rush by swinging from building to building with style and ease. Who would pass up the chance to be Spider-Man, even if it is just a game? 

You might be wondering, how does this game crack the holiday-themed list of video games? Well, if you don’t know this yet, the game is set in New York City during the holiday season. The city in the game is fully equipped with lights, trees, and holiday wreaths that fit perfectly during the holiday season. 

Are you feeling bored during the holiday season? Pick up this amazing game, and you will get hooked for hours upon hours of web-slinging action and adrenaline. 

2. Dead Rising 4

video games for Christmas Dead Rise 4

This game is not your typical happy holidays type of game. Yes, it is a holiday-themed game, and yes, the setting of the game used Christmas as a basis. However, Dead Rising 4 will have you swing your bat endlessly against horde upon horde of zombies waiting to eat your brains. 

Spend your holidays happily hacking the bodies of the endless undead horde while attempting to clear your name and investigate the zombie outbreak in Colorado. The series is known for the ability to use unconventional items as weapons in your fight against zombies. 

Feel free to use the Christmas decorations around you to bash the undead to oblivion. What better way to spend Christmas than swinging a bat wrapped in Christmas lights to the head of a zombie? 

3. The Escapists 2: Santa’s Shakedown & Santa’s Sweatshop 

The Escapists 2: Santa’s Sweatshop and Santa’s Shakedown rounds out our list of the Top 3 video games for Christmas that you can play in the holiday season. The series is known for its deceivingly intense prison-escape gameplay with cute 16-bit graphics. 

In this installment, the prison escape will take on a more festive style of events. You will play as Buddy the Elf, and you will need to escape Santa’s control, which borders a dictator’s oppression. 

Like in the past games, you will need to improve your stats, collect items, and work on planning your escape. The only difference in this game is the storyline in a very holiday-themed setting. Spend the holiday season wracking your brain, thinking of ways to get away from the bearded Santa’s control. 

On behalf of everyone from our team, we wish you a merry holiday season! If you liked this article, check out the other articles found on our official website

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