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Top 3 Toughest Rock-Type Pokémon of All Time

Top 3 Toughest Rock-Type Pokémon of All Time

    Last Updated on May 18, 2023

Rock-Type Pokémon is one of the most popular ones in the Pokemon franchise. These Pokemon are known for their literal rock-hard defensive stats. To be honest, it is not surprising because they are made of rocks. It will be extremely disappointing if they are not tanky.

If you are looking for a tank, look no further because Rock-Type Pokemon fits the bill. Since there are many Rock-Types out there, we have narrowed it down for you. In this article, we will talk about the 3 Toughest Rock-Type Pokemon of All Time.

3. Onix

Base Stats: HP: 35 Attack: 45 Defense: 160 SP Attack: 30 SP Defense: 45 Speed: 70

Total Base Stats: 385

Type: Rock/Ground

The Rock Snake Pokemon, Onix, starts off this list at number three. Onix is one of the most popular Rock Types in the franchise thanks to its appearance in the anime. People often remember Onix as the partner of the Kanto Gym Leader, Brock. It also helps that Onix is a pokémon introduced in Generation I.

Once you check its base stats, there is one stat that will jump out at you and it is its defense. Onix boasts a staggering 160 defense as its base stat. If you give it an Eviolite as a held item, those numbers will drastically increase.

Since Onix is a Rock/Ground Dual Type Pokemon, it has a number of resistances. To be exact, its typing has a total of six resistances. Onix is resistant to Normal, Flying, Fire, Rock, Poison, and Electric Type. If you need a tank with a hefty amount of Defense, you cannot go wrong with the Rock Snake.

2. Aggron

Base Stats: HP: 70 Attack: 110 Defense: 180 SP Attack: 60 SP Defense: 60 Speed: 50

Total Base Stats: 530

Type: Steel/Rock

Named as the Iron Armor Pokemon, Aggron lives up to that reputation and then some. One look at its base stats, and you will think twice about hitting Aggron with a physically damaging move. The only way to crack at its defenses is by using a super-effective move or a special move.

Aggron’s steel-coated body is further reinforced with the iron it eats for sustenance. One thing that separates Aggron from the other tanks is its respectable Attack. Aggron is capable of dishing out a significant amount of damage despite being a tank.

If you are still doubting Aggron’s durability, just take a look at its resistance. Its Steel/Rock Dual Typing makes it resistant to a total of eight types. Those are Normal, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Fairy, and Dragon Type. There is no doubt that Aggron truly is the Iron Armor Pokemon.

1. Tyranitar

HP: 100 Attack: 134 Defense: 110 SP Attack: 95 SP Defense: 100 Speed: 61

Total Base Stats: 600

The toughest Rock-Type Pokemon of them all is none other than Tyranitar. Tyranitar, the Armor Pokemon, is the Godzilla of the Pokemon Universe. It proudly represents the Johto region as its Pseudo Legendary Pokemon. One look at its total base stats and you will see just why it is part of the prestigious group.

It is easy to see why Tyranitar stands on top of this list. Almost all of its stats are considered elite. With a high attack and defense stat, Tyranitar is a walking disaster waiting to lay waste to the enemy team. It also has access to the strongest moves available such as Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Giga Impact.

This Pokemon has the capability to shrug off most of the enemies’ attacks and it can also destroy its opponents with ease. While it does not have many resistances to its name, it more than makes up for it with its enormous base stats. If you are looking for the toughest Rock-Type Pokémon in the franchise, the answer is simply Tyranitar.

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