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Top 3 Popular Characters in Honkai Star Rail

Top 3 Popular Characters in Honkai Star Rail

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

The recently launched Honkai: Star Rail may have fewer characters than Genshin Impact, but it boasts a strong cast that players should take note of. It had 24 available characters in its initial release. This gives players a plethora of characters in Honkai: Star Rail that they can pull from right from the get-go. With that said, here’s a list of the top 3 most popular characters in Honkai: Star Rail.


Popular Characters in Honkai Star Rail Bailu

There aren’t many healers available in-game, making Bailu very popular in the community. The High Elder of the Vidyadhara, also known as the “Healer Lady.” Bailu is an adorable little girl with dragon horns and a tail, but don’t let her cute looks fool you. She’s as mischievous as they can get.

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Bailu wields the power of water and electricity to attack, heal, and even revive teammates. Her sill, “Singing Among Clouds,” heals the ally you choose based on a percentage of her Max HP. Bonus; a second ally also ends up getting healed.

However, it’s Bailu’s Ultimate that’s the real deal. “Leap of Marsh Drakon” allows all allies to get healed and buffed with an invigorating status for two turns. This means that if the invigorated character gets attacked or knocked out by an enemy, they’ll still be healed and even revived. This Ultimate is perfect for making sure everyone in your party stays alive and in full health.


Popular Characters in Honkai Star Rail Clara

Clara, who is too precious for this world, is under the constant protection of Svarog, a large and rather intimidating robot. Her adorable character design makes her popular, with silver hair and red eyes that remind people of a bunny.

When it comes to gameplay, she boasts one of the highest Base ATK stats in Honkai: Star Rail. Her kit is as unique as her animation, as she heavily relies on Svarog’s protection and counterattacks.

Her gameplay is also designed towards tanking and taking hits thanks to her talent, “Because We’re Family.” This ability allows Svarog to launch a heavy counterattack, which triggers every time Clara is hit.

Dan Heng

Popular Characters in Honkai Star Rail Dan Heng

You might be surprised to see a 4-star character here, given that the other two have been 5-star characters. But Dan Heng proved that you don’t need the extra star to be popular with gamers.

A post in HoYolab showed that Dan Heng was “Belobog’s Greatest Worker,” being the number one deployed character in battle during the Closed Beta. And that’s an impressive feat, knowing how players tend to prioritize building 5-stars instead of giving 4-stars some much-needed spotlight.

Dan Heng is a reserved young man who wields a spear called the “Cloud-Piercer.” He is most likely the best DPS character you’ll get in the early game, and you should always bring him when going against elite and boss enemies. He excels in single-target damage with the ability to reduce enemy speed with his critical hits. His talent also boosts his Wind RES PEN and Attack.

Jing Yuan

Popular Characters in Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan

Although not available in the current Honkai Star Rail banner, Jing Yuan is a highly anticipated DPS character with the backing of the powerful Lightning Lord. The general of the Xianzhou Alliance’s Cloud Knights and one of the Six Charioteers of the Luofu, Jing Yuan wields the sword as if it were part of his body.

What makes him popular are his good looks and lazy demeanor. But don’t be fooled by his sleepy eyes and bemused smile; he’s a brilliant tactician who once ravaged the battlefields before Xianzhou entered a time of peace. He took the internet by storm when the trailer dropped, earning fans that couldn’t wait to get their hands on him.

Regarding gameplay, he is a lightning character that excels in dealing with multi-target damage. His skill, “Rifting Zenith,” deals 50% of his attack as lightning damage to all enemies. Meanwhile, his ultimate, “Mercy at Your Expense,” deals 120% of Jing Yuan’s attack as lightning damage to all enemies. Both his skill and ultimate further boost the Lightning Lord’s attack count, with the latter enhancing his damage multiplier by 60%.

And that’s all we’ve got in our top 3 popular characters in Honkai: Star Rail. For more HoYoverse fun, check out our top 6 most popular Genshin Impact characters and how to beat the Spiral Abyss. You can also find out just why Genshin Impact is so successful.

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  • For me , it’s the main character, Natasha, March, seele or himeko( if i don’t butcher her name)

    • [Might be spoiler]
      I personally think at 1st it would be, Kafka since she’s really popular among players, there’s tons of people simping over her, and she’s the very first person you would see as the game begins, my next person aka my 2nd person would be Dan Heng, my reason is, is that there is leak where he would be seen to have another character version of him in upcoming update, and when the game begins he was the person that almost kissed the trailblazer which left people shocked, it is also his unique characteristic, his mysterious story side part leave people excited. My last but not the very least aka my 3rd would be between selee, himeko, jing yuan, welt, and clara, all of them if I’m not mistaken are all 5 star and all of them are a very good characters to use in game, their unique abilities and important parts in the story leaves them to be one of the most popular characters in honkai star rail, I picked them all equally since it isn’t arguably that there can only be 3 most popular characters, but the first two are inarguably could be one of the most popular

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