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Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Games of 2023

Top 3 Most Popular Mobile Games of 2023

    Last Updated on May 18, 2023

Popular mobile games have been around for more than a decade. They have gained popularity since these games released and never looked back. It is a little surprising that these games are still alive and kicking after all these years.

However, these games are popular for a reason. For the most part, they are addicting and fun games to play. While we will talk about popular mobile games, this can also be a list of the best mobile games to play.

Without further ado, let us start talking about the most popular mobile games in 2023.

1. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is another game that took the world by storm. In fact, it even placed first as the most downloaded game in 2022 even though it released on 2012. Ten years removed from its release and it is still one of the most popular mobile games in existence.

The game is simple and easy to pick up, but it still provides a sense of accomplishment. The game managed to strike a balance between difficulty and simplicity. Subway Surfers is not too difficult, but it is challenging enough to keep you hooked.

An endless-runner where you have to jump, slide, and evade trains is a fun and addicting game to play. Moreover, the longer you survive, the trains coming for you will be faster and will get more difficult to evade.

Subway Surfers is a great time-killer and it will surely have you addicted to beating your high score over and over again. It also presents a respectable sense of progression to keep you coming back for more. It is a timeless game that people of all ages can enjoy.

2. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the games that made mobile gaming popular. It is a simple match-three puzzle game with beautiful visuals and addicting gameplay. Thanks to its success, there are a ton of match-three puzzle games right now on the Play Store and App Store. The game’s simplicity and balanced difficulty made it one of the most popular mobile games ever.

To state some facts, Candy Crush Saga is already 11 years old and its downloads already reached 2.7 billion. While its release date is 2012, the game is still abuzz with players this 2023. The popularity of this game cannot be underestimated. Almost everyone who has a smartphone has played Candy Crush Saga or at least heard about it.

Since it is a game that is easy to pick up, Candy Crush Saga does not discriminate against any age group. It is a game for all ages and its accessibility is one of its most beloved features. Anyone can fall victim to the addicting candy-matching bonanza.

3. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games today, it is a battle royal shooting game on mobile that once originated as a PC game. 2018 was the release date of PUBG Mobile, and it quickly caught the attention of mobile gamers worldwide.

PUBG is the OG battle-royale that first released on PC. During its heydays on the PC, the game quickly caught fire and it spearheaded the rise of the battle royale genre. Since its PC version was a huge success, it is not a surprise that a free mobile version of it was a success at well.

During its pre-registration period, the numbers of pre-registered users reached the 75 million mark. A lot of anticipation surrounded the game leading up to its release. PUBG Mobile did not disappoint and it sported a user-friendly interface coupled with addicting gameplay.

Even in 2023, PUBG mobile is still one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. It even has a lively esports scene that is steadily gaining traction all over the world. Thanks to its accessibility and popular esports scene, it will take more years before PUBG Mobile goes down in popularity.

A lot of players love this mobile game because of its simplicity. It doesn’t have some futuristic theme and gimmicky features, instead they have some weapons and gears that truly exist in the real world. This realism is well-received by the public and it shows.

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